Pee, my darling

A short fantasy on the theme of water sports...

— Take it, - Oleg handed a package to Olga. Having opened it, the girl was surprised to pull a diaper out.

— Oleg, are you kidding? - she asked.

— Remember, you owe me a wish, — smiled the guy.

It was so. They often played with a wish at stake.

— I want you to pee in a public place.

— Are you crazy?

— What’s wrong? Are you scared? Nobody will see it.

— You are crazy, — the girl laughed.

They have been together for two years. A year of living in the separate apartment. Olga is twenty-two, Oleg is twenty-four. They love each other and are happy.

- And when do I have to do it?

— Right now. Why wasting time?

— You are nuts

— But first go and pee.

The girl went to the toilet. Sat on the toilet seat. Oh, she will wish him back something worse. She finished and returned to the room. Began to undress.

- I think, you don’t need panties, — Oleg smiled. And why does she like such a moron?

Girl got completely undressed. Put on a diaper. Looked at herself in the mirror. Red-haired, blue-eyed, curly wise-ass. And wearing a diaper like a baby. Olga laughed. Looks like it fits her. The diaper wrapped her body tight. It's so funny. The girl put on a bra, a skirt and a blouse. The diaper didn’t stand out under the fabric. High heels.

— I'm ready, — Olga turned to Oleg.

— Excellent, — the young man got up from the chair. Approached the girl and kissed her.

— I love you.

— I love you too, — said Olga.

They went to the nearby shopping mall. That day was Saturday, there were lots of people.

— Won’t I leak? — asked Olga.

— Don't worry, I've checked one.

— Where did you get them?

— From my colleague. He buys them for his grandmother. So I asked him for a couple of’em.

— You're lunatic.

The couple entered the mall.

— When you are going to do pee-pee, — Oleg whispered in her ear, — Tell me, please.

- Why?

— I want to watch your face while you are doing this.

Olga poked him in the side with a hand.

— And not immediately, be patient.

He dodged from the second kick.

An hour passed. The young people were going shopping. Strange, but Olga did not want to pee. Realizing this, Oleg lured her to the restaurant yard. Olga refused the beer, agreeing on a pint of soda. Twenty minutes later the girl wanted to use the toilet.

— I'm ready, — she smiled to Oleg.

- Wait here.

Oleg left the girl in the middle of the huge hall, and he moved a few meters away and sat on a bench. Nodded.

Olga smiled in response. She was scared. People. A lot of people around. And now she is going to do a wee-wee. She felt arousal. She looked into the eyes of Oleg. Spread her legs. A moment. The first drop, then another one. The girl relaxed. She was peeing. Looking at all those people and peeing. Who of them could do that? Standing in the middle of the huge hall and peeing. She was feeling very good. Oleg is just crazy, but she loves him. For his crazy ideas and desires.

Oleg walked over to his girlfriend.

— Did you like it?

- Very much.

— I knew you would.

Olga kissed him. Now they could go home. She fulfilled his wish.


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