Internship training in psycho ward

It was in 2010. I then studied on the 5 year at the medical Institute. We were then sent to internship. For those who don’t know, this is a type of practice in the hospital. Without an internship a medical diploma is not given. The internship was supposed to be 3 months. Well, my bad luck got me in the list to practice in a mental institution.

I was just shocked and tried to get transferred to another hospital, but the teacher who distributed the students in the hospitals had obviously something against me. I always argued with him, that's probably the reason he sent me to a mental hospital.

I had nothing else to do. I studied for 5 years, so I’m able to suffer another 3 months.

I went to the mental hospital and I was immediately assigned to one of the ward men.

- Hello.

- Hi. Intern?

- Yeah.

- Well, I’m Sergey, nice to meet you.

- Sasha.

The man was about 30. Cool guy, communicative.

- Well, consider yourself lucky with the practice.

- Sure, lucky.

- That’s like a resort place here. Your task is to give pills, injections and put on’em straitjackets, if someone is freaking out. But everybody is calm here.

Passing through the wards I realized that it's not so bad here.

Freakos were like vegetables. After the pills and injections all they could do was just getting to the toilet.

- You see, it's not so bad. No one complains you make painful injections. The bosses are sitting in their offices so we're chiefs here.

- This is pretty cool.

- Good thing you got here, I’m so bored here with no one to work and drink with.

On our floor there were 14 wards. Total 35 of freakos.

So we called the mentally insane. 

I had worked for a month and I liked this work. Only often I had a headache from drinking alcohol.

Sergey was used to the alcohol and drank it hard like an elephant.

And there was the occasion I want to tell you about.

We got a girl there. We went with Sergey out and took her from the ambulance.

We led her by the arms and she struggled all the time.

The girl was dressed in a top and jeans. Slender and pretty cute. She was 19 years old.

- Calm down you silly doll.

We pulled her into the ward. Right at the entrance to the ward the girl scratched Sergey’s hand.

- Oh you, fucking bitch!

I quickly put an armlock on her and put a special bracelet on the hand.

- She's a bitch. Sasha, I’m going to the med point to get the wound treated not to let it rot. And you lead her to the 13-th  ward and give her 10 mils of zombie. (so-called the most powerful drug making even a healthy person a deadhead)

13-th was the chamber for one person. There was a special bed for tying the most violent patients. It was also called the chamber of death.

So I dragged the girl into the chamber. And immediately shot her with the drug. A minute later the girl was like an angel.

I had to put on her special clothes for freakos. And I began to undress the girl. I pulled off her top and jeans. And saw a very sexy underwear on the girl. It was a red bra and red lace panties.

My cock got up at once from what I saw.

I immediately calculated how many minutes left before Sergey comes back.

I had about 15 minutes.

I quickly pulled down her panties and shoved my cock in.

The girl was lying without moving and just panting heavily. I fucked her hard, like a whore.

Her pussy was tight and obviously the girl used to fuck very seldom. I squeezed her breast and groped her ass. And I was quickly driving in her pussy. The girl had clean-shaven pussy. I would never say that she was a lunatic.

I fucked her for 10 minutes, pacing up and filled up her pussy with cum.

I quickly wiped the cum with a towel and dressed her in the clothes for freaks. And I tied her to the bed.

After that I went to look for Sergey.

He was walking along the corridor with the dressed wound.

- How are you?

- I’m ok. What about that doll.

- A shot made, dressed and tied.

- Good enough. In 2 days in the 13th ward she will be nice and calm.

In the evening Sergey and I drank much of alcohol again.

And I asked him about the diagnosis for the girl.

- Ah, she tried 3 times to suicide. Her boyfriend left her.

- Stupid.

- Who?

- That guy. Chick’s good. When I changed her clothes, I saw her body is rather nice.

Sergey got clearly interested.

- Sergey, maybe we’ll go to the 13-th. No bosses, let’s have the girl.

Sergey without hesitation rushed up.

- Come on.

We walked to the room, and Sergey said:

- Give her 5 cubes, so she won’t try to break free.

I gave her a shot. And in a few minutes we untied the girl.

She could see and understand, but the drug paralyzed the muscles and she couldn't resist and say nothing.

Sergey undressed the girl.

- Yes, a good slut.

And he put the cock to her pussy and abruptly drove in her.

- Oh, so tight. Nice.

I was driving my cock over the girl’s lips.

- Sergey, if I try her mouth, won't she bite me?

- No. The muscles are numb, open her mouth and she won’t be able to close it back, so no chance she would bite.

I quickly opened her mouth and stuck my cock into her throat. I fucked her right down to the tonsils.

We fucked her for 40 minutes. Because of alcohol Sergey could barely cum. I didn't want to fuck her in the cunt. After all, it was full of Sergey’s sperm.

I turned the slut on her stomach and stuck the cock in her ass. I fucked her for about 20 minutes and then shot my load in.

After that day Sergey and I fucked that slut every day.


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