"If you don't want your wild youth be known by husband, tomorrow arrive at the "Drop" - the fifth time I was stupidly reading the text message and could not believe in the reality of the situation. 

Opening another message I saw the picture... Two guys were thrusting their huge cocks into a young girl. The girl turned to the camera radiating delight and pleasure. Of course, now I'm 10 years older, but could easily be recognized. 

"I'm screwed... Have to go, if the husband finds out, he will not forgive me" - the thoughts were running through my mind. I could not understand how the photo turned out to be in the hands of others. Ten years ago I worked in a nearby town as a masseuse, roughly speaking, I was a call girl. We served officials and wealthy businessmen. Now for five years I am a respectable lady, the wife of a famous and powerful businessman. The past has gone once and for all. I had to leave 300 km away and now this!

The whole evening and the next morning I was nervously running around the house. Fortunately, my husband went on a business trip for three days. Five to three I entered the café and looked around. I was immediately approached by a waiter and escorted to the VIP room. Entering the room I was very surprised to see Sergey. We knew each other three years, he was the deputy for my husband. Once he even tried to seduce me, but I wouldn't let him do that. Turned him down. "Hey, Xenia! I knew you were coming today", chuckled Sergey. "Come on... What do you want? I have no time for fluffy chattering ". 

Sergey laughed and pushed the button on the TV remote. On the screen there appeared a bed, it was empty first. A minute later, there appeared two guys and a girl. Kissing... a blowjob... Two cocks in the pussy... Anal sex. "Throw it off", shocked I said. "I will be brief. I have 28 of such interesting films and 20 photos. I can show them to your husband, or not. It all depends on you. If I'm not mistaken you got married being a virgin. Andrew will be very surprised", - he laughed. "All I want from you is sex. That time you rudely blew me off and I didn't like it. Now I want you to belong to me completely. For every video and photo - you and your body. It's up to you. You may think it over. I'll call you tonight". 

Silently I stood up and left the room.

As if in a daze I got in the car. Many thoughts, but all of them lethargic. If Andrew saw all that he would certainly leave me, and I will be abandoned with nothing. I will have to work and save for a new dress for three months. In short, I have no choice. Have to agree. 

At eight in the evening, the phone rang. "Well, Xenia, what's your decision?" - brazenly asked Sergey. "You left me no choice, bastard. I agree to your terms" "I had no doubt. So I wait for you in an hour", he laughed in the phone. 

Right in an hour I was knocking at the door of his apartment. After letting me in he pounced on me right in the corridor. He lifted the hem of my dress, tore the panties off and bending me down, he drove his cock in me down to the balls. It was unpleasant for my pussy was dry. He didn't care and he started to hammer me with such anger that I thought he was gonna pierce me through. When he had finished he took me into the room. 

"How did you fool Andrew!? If you're an ex-prostitute, you could not be a virgin. You did surgery and sewed her up?" - asked Sergey. I silently nodded. Again he laughed. "Dance for me. Show what you can do". He turned on slow music and sat down on the sofa. I closed my eyes and began dancing. Unbuttoned the dress, pulled off the bra. When the music stopped, he pushed me down on the floor and began fucking again. He was thrusting in hard and slowly pulling out and again ramming my pussy. 

I was feeling excitation. We came at the same time. I was lying on the floor when I heard knocking on the door. Sergey was back with two more guys. That night they were doing to me such different things. My my pussy and the ass were visited by two cocks at once. All the holes were filled up with cum. I was like a street whore. And the guys could hardly stop. My pussy was all red and burning. 

In the morning I was let go and given just one picture. 

19 photos and 28 videotapes left.


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