The first one

In the hut there was a girl of about nineteen with a kid happily playing with the kitten in the corner. The girl quickly stood up, her hands on the chest, and scared she looked at us.

— It's all yours, sir, - looking at it, the soldier said and carefully looked around the meager dwelling.

— And do not be ceremonious.

Two months ago, after graduating the Military Academy and receiving the rank of Lieutenant, polished by state propaganda and dreaming about the exciting career Ben signed a contract and flew to Vietnam, inspired by the sense of justice and patriotism.

At the beginning of the service everything was wild for him and not keeping with the standards of honor of officer, morale and the propaganda the thousands wanting to get to that *Paradise* had been fed. Trying to hold back the soldiers and sergeants, he quickly realized that it was useless, even suicide-like. There were their rules having nothing to do with generally accepted norms, and there was a single law - to stay alive and preferably healthy, sending to the other side as many Vietcongs as possible. Better be the first to throw a grenade, not knowing who is in a hut than get a bullet or a bayonet in the stomach.

*A la guerre comme A la guerre* — War is war.

And now, looking at the small, skinny, scared, looking like a teenager girl, he decided that she would be the first.

In the village the shooting and screaming were heard, and Ben decided not to waste time. Putting the gun in the holster, he unbuttoned his belt and threw it on the floor. Then he approached the girl, took her hands and pulled her shirt down exposing her small tits with large dark nipples. He pushed that Vietnamese girl down on some rags and began pulling off her pants along with underwear, she didn't resist, probably she thought thus there would be more chances to stay alive.

As bewildered Ben was looking at the black, wavy and velvety triangle. He was shaking with desire, the hands were shaking, the dick was up and ready. Quickly unbuttoning his pants he fell on the girl and widely spread her legs. His dick easily found the hole and plunged in. Ben growled with pleasure and started furiously fucking the girl, driving his cock deeper and sharper in. He was pouring sweat down over his back, the neck and sweat drops were dripping down onto the face of the Vietnamese, and she was obediently lying there in silence.

In the village the crying was heard, as well as separate shots and his sergeants’ commands, but Ben didn’t care of that. He was fucking his first... at that war.

When he had cum and quickly got dressed, and leaving the hut he looked at the girl. She was still, with frightened eyes, afraid of something more terrible, lying with her legs wide spread and sperm leaking out of her pussy.

“The first one. The score is opened”, Ben thought and left the hut.

The others followed later…


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