Real story

Hello, the story I write is my first, I just decided to share. I'm a guy of 20. Since I seldom have sex, I often masturbate and I do it in different way, and naturally I began to masturbate at early age. 

Doing it normaly became boring and once I found the confession of one guy saying it would be cooler if shoving something in the ass. After that I began doing it more often and I loved it. Orgasms became much brighter, I poured my sperm all over. It was becoming more interesting and I wanted more each time. 

Once I looked in my mom's closet and found a thong, my dick immediately got up and I had irresistible urge to put them on, and when I did it, my penis didn't fit in, but I felt the strap between my buttocks rubs against the hole in the ass and it was great pleasure. The front of the panties had already become wet with precum and I decided not to torture myself, posed doggy-style, moved the strip to a side and began to fuck my ass with fingers. 

I got very excited by this, I imagined that I was being fucked by someone, then I rolled on my back and with one hand continued to fuck myself, and the other hand wanking the cock which was dripping with precum. I did not sweat long and I shot on my belly, the chest, the neck, I even felt that one of the jets hit my chin. I fell down and was lying without moving and I only felt my sperm was flowing over my body. I took a shower and cleaned up everything. 

I wanted brighter sensations. I didn’t have a dildo unfortunately, and going out and buying it in a sex shop was embarrassing. I often got to the mother’s locker searching new underwear, hoping to find a vibrator, and once I got in and in the far end of the shelves I groped something. I pulled it out and saw it was what I needed, the vibrator in the shape of a male penis, it was big and I immediately ran to wash my ass. I was dying to try it in.

I finished preparation and returned to the room. I began to suck it, and my hand jerking off, I terribly liked that, I was so fascinated that I came very fast, I lubed my ass with cum, smeared it over the vibrator and pressed it against my asshole, but the ass didn't want to let this big in, because previously there were no subjects larger in diameter, but I began pulling myself on it, it was a little painful, but the pleasure blocked the pain and I felt its head slipped in and at that moment my body felt something I have never experienced before. 

I waited until my ass got adapted to that sensation and continued pulling on that piece of miracle, when my hole stretched enough and I started slowly fucking myself, imagining myself a real bitch with a cock in my ass. It was so cool, my breathing became more frequent, I began jumping on it plunging it in hard. I felt hard tension in the balls and I was moving harder and faster. Sperm burst out and poured my whole stomach.

This was the brightest orgasm I have never experienced before and I was lying without motions. There was noise in my ears. Sper was flowing over me and the dildo was sticking out of my not already virgin ass.


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