First squirt

It was an ordinary evening we were spending together in our bed. As always: long rough sex. For the sake of sex we were together. Not for love, for sex. I always firmly convince my friends that we do not have relationship, only sex. So it was. 

So that evening we enjoyed each other without hesitation and limitations. After all, relaxed we were lying there talking and enjoying the sensations after rough sex. On the table there were burning candles, the blanket fell off the bed onto the floor, things were scattered all over. He offered to massage me. He sat on me and began stroking my back. In such delicate, intimate and romantic moments I just want to be always with him and have nothing to disturb this idyll.

At first, he simply stroked my back, and then began descending to the ass, stroking the buttocks and the legs, sometimes penetrating between them. I was getting excited, but he did not hurry the events and continued stroking the buttocks, spread a little my legs and caressed the labia. Lying on my stomach and not seeing him, I felt unprotected, vulnerable and completely at his mercy. I don't know where the partner is looking and what he plans to do to me, not knowing how to control it, I can only respond to his actions. And to lead the process I can only sincerely express my emotions, making it clear to him what I like and what I do not... 

This feeling of "a poor lamb" was making me turned on. I was already excited so much that with no logical enchanting junction I wouldn't let him go. He penetrated me with his fingers, I told him what to do: I wanted him to be gentle, soft, and not harsh as he did it. Then he increased the pace, wringing my hands, holding by the hair or spanking me on the buttocks...

The excitement in me grew on. I was all twisted, raising up the ass, curving the back, groaning, and begging him to fuck me... the joy I felt was incredible, but the orgasm was still far away. I started rubbing my booty over him, hinting that I wanted to feel his standing cock in me. He also was already excited with all this action. And, taking my hips he sharply drove in me from behind, inserting his hot flesh in me to the ground. I gasped with this sharp jerk. He entered and froze, and then began sharp deep thrusts fucking me. 

But at that point I felt the excitement was subsiding, I was having pleasure, but was getting farther from a long-awaited orgasm, despite he did to me exactly what my imagination was giving to me at that moment: he fucked me the way I wanted, one hand holding my hair and the other squeezing my ass. I was moaning madly. In the end, he quickly came. It did upset me. Usually after that he wanted to have a rest a little before we have sex again.

He lay down close by, and began fondling my buttocks, I was still lying on my stomach upset. I tell him: "Relax!" Ignoring my words, he again spread my legs and began caressing them again, of course, after such foreplay and sex, I was all soft, hot and dripping wet. So I decided: "If he doesn’t want to stop, then okay, I’ll get as much pleasure as possible." He began to caress me as he did it before sex, then slung me over his lap, and increased the pace and the penetration, spanking me. I liked that so much and would never stop. But I knew that he was tired. 

Then I rolled over on my back, it was more traditional pose for such caresses, and posing like that I can cum faster. He stroked my stomach and the chest with one hand, and the second one fucked me. I moaned to attract his attention to my clit. His thumb was caressing the clit, the index and the middle were inside, and the little finger slightly touched the anus, thereby arousing this area.

That’s my description of what he was doing... but what I felt... I was moaning... then I thought my moans were more like sobs, I almost screamed with pleasure... well I moaned, screamed, but did not cum... I was pouring sweat, ripped the sheets off... I really wanted to tell him I love him and ask him if he loves me... and I wanted to ask if he loves my pussy, it was not usual for me. When I felt I was close, I literally pulled his chin so he could look at me. At the highest point of orgasm he looked right into my eyes. But he couldn't do this longer, because all his attention was riveted to what was happening below.

It was the first time I had a squirt! I didn't even realize it, with shouts and tears, I was convulsing in orgasm a few seconds. I know this already by his words, for I vaguely remember that moment. I was all wet, hot, panting, bleary lying before him. He stroked my pussy, my stomach, and waited until I came to senses. Then he told me he got scared when realized that was no ordinary orgasm. It turned out that in his practice it was also the first experience in bed, though he is experienced enough. Since that time in our sex relationship, which lasted a couple of months, I had squirt two or three times more. By now none of my subsequent lovers could repeat it.


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