Love is blind

This is really one of the funniest story my friend has told me. Here I'll be narrating from his name to make the story more vivid.

I work in a solid company on a good position. And there I have a friend. Also the boss, only of the adjacent department.

That friend happened to fall in love with one of the employees of the company. She responded. Typical office romance. He is a solid man. She was by no means not a young girl anymore. Both had families and pack of kids. But both had such unearthly love that made them lose their minds.

So they were like children unwise. But in love everyone is stupid. Passionate looks. Signs of attention. Texts with lustful content. And at lunchtime they used to get hidden in his office. What happened there, you can easily guess. But no one knew about it, or just pretended not to know. Well, what could they do, if after work there was no chance to meet?

And then another corporate party took place. The company rented a hall in a very expensive restaurant. The big hall was with marble columns. A big long table, one for all and looking like the one usually prepared for wedding occasions. One side of the table rested against a column.

First, as usually happens, everyone was frozen and shy. But as we had the third drink shot, we became like one family as all were relatives. The dancing had begun. Hugging and flirting and all like that.

At corporate parties in our company places at the table are given strictly due to job positions. I was seated next to my friend, the one I'm telling about. Drinking. Talking. At that he permanently throws looks to his mistress, who was sitting in the far corner next to the column.

That day my mood was pretty bad. I didn't want anything. But he was very cheerful always jumping from his place to dance. So I had to stand up to let him out. So uncomfortable our seats were located. He suggested to exchange the seats for I wouldn't go dancing. Why not? We changed the places. It made me feel better. As for him he either ran away to dance, or came back to the table to have another drink. I ceased to notice when he was around, or not.

One moment I turn and saw on his place our director general sitting and offering me a drink together. He saw me being sad, and offered to drink. Well, we filled our glasses. Chin-chin.

Suddenly under the table I feel some motions. First I thought it was just my imagination. But then I feel a touch on my private part. I even started. Director asked what was wrong with me. I had to reassure that I was just choking with drink. But I feel the fly on my pants being opened and my instrument taken out. Fortunately the tablecloth was hanging low almost to the floor. Nothing could be seen. I quietly leaned forward, almost pressing my belly to the table.

That old cottonhead was telling me different bullshit. And down there I had already been licked everything what was possible and I felt such a blowjob, that I could barely restrain myself not to moan and cry out. Still I had to sit quietly, keeping up our small talk. The worst of all started when I was cumming. That motherfucker paused for a moment, and then began complimenting me, saying I looked nice, became younger. He suggested I was going in for sports probably. I didn't know what it would end up with, but his wife dragged him away to dance.

While his wife was trying to persuade him to dance, down there everything had been quickly swallowed and licked over. Then neatly tucked back in and buttoned. As only the director got away from the table, I thrust a hand under the tablecloth. But there was no one and nothing. So I'm sitting and coming to senses. Looking around.

Suddenly, I see at the other end of the hall, next to the column, where nothing could be seen from the hall, from under the table the mistress of my friend was getting out. She smoothed the dress and the hair quickly. Then slowly she comes out from behind the column and stumbles on her Romeo dancing with another lady.

She got stunned for at least a minute. Then slowly she turns around and stares at me her jaw dropped. Then even slower she looks over the empty chair where I was supposed to sit.

The further description of her eyes and facial expression could take as much text as it's enough for another story.


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