In the sauna

My name is Kirill. I'm married, I'm 36 years old, no children yet. I'm athletic, three years of going to the gym. I live in Vladivostok. Married for 7 years and naturally want to have other girls sometimes. I have no time to look for a girl, I signed up on a dating site. 

I have a fantasy to try a girl for money, but at the same time she must not be a prostitute, but an ordinary girl in need of money. And there I found a girl named Masha. She was 19 years old, studying the second year of University. Height 170cm, weight 56 kg, all this information was from her questionnaire. On the photo there was a very cute dark-haired girl. She was in urgent need of a ticket to Moscow. It cost about 10 thousand. I wrote to her I would buy it, but she should work it over. At the same time 10 thousand for a single meeting seemed to me a lot and I offered to split everything in three meetings. 

Our correspondence took three days and then she agreed. Through the correspondence I found out that she is very modest and she hadn’t had sex for 3 months by that time. We agreed that she would be topless just wearing her panties. I assigned a date in the sauna at 17:00. I told my wife I went to the gym, but I was waiting for the girl near the sauna. Taxi arrives. The girl comes out. I liked her very much. We went into the sauna. When I went to the locker room, she became ashamed:

- Maybe no need to undress completely at once?- She asked.

- Get undressed! Like I do! – I answered.

- But you're a man! - The last attempt to keep her clothes on.

- So what? We know what we have gathered here for! - While I was talking to her I appeared in shorts only. She already saw she had nothing else to do and said:

- Can you then, at least, come out?

- OK. - I went to the rest room.

I sat down thinking just about how I wanted her. My dick was already standing like a stake thrusting through the shorts. And there she comes in panties and covering her breasts with a hand and looking down at the floor. I said to her:

- Let’s go to the steam room?

- Okay. - She says timidly. She tried not to look at me at all.

In the steam room our talking went on easier. I tried to distract her by talking about her next trip to Moscow. She was relaxing and after a time she ceased covering her chest. During the conversation I was getting closer and closer to her. Being very close I put my hand on her breast and began knead it... She shuddered and tried to throw it off.

- Quieter. Do not do that. You still work your money very bad by now. - I told her and her arms went limp. Then I was kneading her breasts without resistance.

- Let’s go to the room! - I ordered her. She obediently nodded, and I led her to the recovery room.

We had come into the room and I put her on the bed and began to cover her with kisses. I licked her nipples, which immediately became harder. My hands were kneading her body. And there my fingers got to her pussy. I thrust out one finger, pushing her panties aside and I realized she was very wet already. I immediately take off my pants, remove her panties and plunge my cock in there at once. She screamed:

- What about a condom?!

But I wasn't listening to her any longer and fucked her fiercely. She was tight and pleasant in there… I was getting such pleasure... MMMMM... and I was getting fiercer on and on while digging her pussy. Masha was screaming and moaning alaud... That was making me more excited. And then she was shaking with orgasm... her whole body got covered with goosebumps. Unable to hold back any longer I was cumming. I barely got out of her and discharged on her stomach...


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