Red flame

Her hair splashed over the clean white sheet. Bright red, very charmy and sensual like its owner going through one of her most striking and piquant moments in her life.

—A-h, Ah...

All red, the girl seemed to have become even redder —my finger barely touched her clit and my tongue worked harder, when L, as I call her informally, fluttered like a butterfly uttering a new batch of sweet sounds:


Feeling the girl being close to orgasm, I once again return my finger to that place, entrusting the action to my active tongue, with common unhurried rhythm causing a noticeable sigh of disappointment.

Red-haired beauty opened her green eyes. Not up to the end realizing what was happening, as if, deprived of a favorite toy, barely thinking of what they went through the last moments of her still very young life. A virgin, nothing else to say.

- What?. What are you...

— I recalled something. — I raised up over her sweet bosom, licking the lips like a cat, and inhaling incomparable smell of the fresh and virgin pussy. — You turned me down in your time. You ignored me at work, and not only there. In your time...

— Ah!.

— ...when you drove me crazy. — Left hand fingers squeezed a nipple on her chest, while the right once again started to dance over the pussy, painfully, occasionally touching the clitoris, either inflaming L, or on the contrary, throwing her down from the very peak of pleasure into the realm of dissatisfaction and stronger excitation. — In your time.

— No!. I didn't mean… -- again disappointment, and itching in the abdomen. And it was only increasing.

She's actually funny. Very much.

I ran my rough and wet tongue over her pussy, not forgetting about her arms and her nipples, again and again stimulating my girl, tugging and adjusting her like an ancient radio, getting out the sounds from her soul. Working with my fingers, but not forgetting about intelligence and some experience — a little to the left, a little to the right, listening to the rolling sounds of such a beautiful and native voices.

I looked up at her. Sensual, coral lip is bit, nice nose got either small folds, or then relaxed as her mouth, and entire face was getting red with embarrassment and surging, but so indecent and at the same time incredibly sweet pleasures. Even seen from the fire-red flames of hair, his ears have steadily gained a red tint. Green eyes of the beauty were opened, met mine and shot me on the spoteting with mine and killing on the spot. Just as it has happened in my life recently. Bitch!

His mouth entirely covered her pussy. Hands are now free as wind enveloping the girl’s breasts, taking up the delicate berries of her nipple. And here is his Majesty - the Clitoris.


And again.

—Oh, Yes...

That’s it, my girl.


My hand met hers, taking as no one did it in her life. Light fingers. Soft skin. Love sweat. Come on, my girl!



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