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My name is Christina, I'm 22 and I’m married 2 years. I'm a nice girl with big breasts number 5. My husband is a sailor, his name is Vladimir. I want to tell you a very interesting story.

It was about a year ago, my husband went on another voyage and was supposed to be back in a month only.

In his absence, I used to be pleased by my two friends. One of them was Arthur, a swarthy, tall, sexy and muscular brunet with taut ass every woman would like to touch. The other one was equally sexy and cute, dark brown-haired. His name was Valentine. I met them at a night club.

And there, in that wonderful day I invited the boys to our home. Before they came I got properly prepared, smoothly shaved my pussy and put on a short lace negligee with my big boobies seen through.

And here the boys had come. I immediately jumped on them. I passionately kissed either Arthur, or Valentine. Arthur sat on the couch. I was removing Arthur’s pants standing on my all fours, and then I began giving him a deep throat blowjob. Meanwhile, Valentine got a place from my behind to get to my sweet hole. While Arthur was groaning with pleasure, I was also feeling very good, because Valentine fucked me hard and deep to the balls. Then the boys exchanged places. And the moment we had everything in full swing... I hear the keys scratching and opening the door and then astonished Vladimir came into the room.

He started yelling at me, calling me a slut, but the boys continued their actions as if nothing was happening and his words just made me more turned on. I was begging to forgive me. And he said, he would forgive me on one condition... If I’d give him my ass, because I was still a virgin there. I had nothing to do but agree. Horny Vladimir pounced at me right away. We were passionately kissing each other, and in the meantime Valentine was fuck Arthur in the ass for they were bisexual. That picture was making me extremely excited.

I began to suck my beloved and he had abundantly cum on my face. I tried to lick every last drop. Later, he was eating my pussy and I was moaning and writhing at that. When I had cum, he proceeded to the main thing; first, he thrust one finger in, then two, then three, and finally he drove in his big dick. At first I felt uncomfortable, but then little by little I began experiencing a sweet feeling. And very quickly I had an orgasm. Then Vladimir was fucking me long time: in the ass and in the pussy. It all ended up that he agreed the boys would take his cherry. Arthur fucked him in the ass and Valentine in the mouth.

A month later I found out I got pregnant, we decided not to do a paternity test, although the father could be any of them. But Vladimir had agreed to raise the child as his own. And the boys still keep on visiting us often.


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