Husband's brother

When I was 20 and my husband 25... husband’s 18-year-old brother came to visit us on summer vacation. My husband was at work, but I was also on vacation... and so it happened that I was with his brother everywhere: in Aqua-Park, aquarium, zoo, anything... at home we were also together...

I noticed him glancing at me, I can’t lie, I liked his admiring glances. I started to tease the boy, either my robe appeared undone, or I turn out to be wrapped just with a towel when after the shower... And once I came out from the bedroom wearing just a t-shirt of my husband stretching out like a cat... I wish you saw his eyes at that!!!

We were having fun with pillow fight. At that I was trying to show myself sexier to him: to stick out either my hip or the ass... well, the game got confused ending... He grabbed me-"Well, I'll get on you now!" - and he threw me on the bed, lying on top of me and staring into my eyes. Feeling his hardened cock rested against my thigh, I got wet down there! "want me very much, do you?"

He just nodded in response. "Well, do it..." - I whispered, and my palm stroked his big enough penis through the shorts...

Wow, what happened next was simply magic... my hand only turned him in and then he did all the job! I lost the sense of reality, for me there was only his cock moving in me, causing the waves of ecstasy one after the other!

I felt him quickening the pace and I just moaned:"I-Ah-Ah-Ah! In me-e-e!" His orgasm was accompanied with my weak moan of satisfaction:"Ye-e-es...". In the evening we diligently pretended that nothing had happened, and in the morning when my husband had left, his brother was already in my bed.

And again it was amazing sex, again I felt if I was flying... the rest of the week of his vacation we several times a day indulged in enjoyment of each other... that’s what happened...


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