Yummy sushi

Someone knocked on the door, and I walked over and opened it. In the doorway there stood a sushi delivery boy, I invited him in and went to take money to pay for the delivery. While I was looking for change, the husband invited the guy into the kitchen and offered some beer. He agreed, saying that it was his last order for that night and he could relax. Then we invited him to the table to eat sushi. My husband opened a bottle of wine and we began to eat. 

We were sitting long talking. Having emptied 3 bottles of wine we felt pretty drunk. The guys went to smoke on the balcony, I quickly cleaned the kitchen, went into my room and lay down on the bed. And that moment I felt a strong wave of excitement, I really wanted to have sex with my husband so that this guy would be watching us. 

When they came back from the balcony, I offered that option and the boys agreed. And we got down to that. Misha sat down next to me on the bed and we began kissing passionately. Then I put him on the back, put handcuffs on his hands behind the head and tied with a scarf his eyes and then my tongue began gently licking his chest and the stomach over. I slowly removed his shorts and underwear. His cock was standing like a stake, I gently clasped its head with my lips, played with it a little with my tongue, went down the penis below, grasped his testicles with my lips, pulled them gently in and began to suck them slightly. 

My husband loved it, he was moaning from pleasure! I was a little distracted and looked in the direction of our guest. He was sitting completely naked next to the bed and jerking off. It turned me on even better and I gestured to him to put his penis in my husband’s mouth. He quietly approached, touched his lips with the cockhead, Misha opened his mouth and the cock went almost all in. He began to suck it intensely, probably thinking that I had inserted an artificial penis, but when he realized it was wrong, he tried to escape, but chained hands behind prevented him from escaping. I told him to do everything right and hit him with a flogger on the stomach softly.

My husband obeyed and continued doing a blowjob for the guy. I was aroused very much, I sat on the cock of my husband and started to move, driving it deeper in me. I came almost right away, but I felt that I wanted more! I continued to fuck myself with husband’s cock and he went on sucking the guy’s penis. I got a little tired and wanted my husband would fuck me from behind! I untied his eyes and the hands, posed the doggy-style, he entered me and started to have me! I was so much excited! I wanted more and more, deeper and deeper! 

In a very short time my mouth became occupied by the cock of the delivery guy. He was fucking me and my husband was fucking my pussy from behind. Then he lay on my back and the penis of our new friend moved from my mouth to my husband’s. In half a minute, the groans of our guest made me realize that soon he would cum. Indeed, I heard him cumming in the mouth of my husband and I felt part of cum on my back. 

Then my husband came out of me, told me to turn to him, I saw the splashes of our friend’s orgasm on his lips, the chin and the neck. Misha brought his cock to my lips and began shooting cum on myface. I opened my mouth taking all the rest in. Then I pulled my husband closer and kissed him on the lips, sharing the results of love we had just had.


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