It was painful

It happened to me yesterday. A little bit about myself, I am 20 years old, normally built. Never had it with a guy. I have fake account in the social network for my friends couldn’t know I’m a gay. I've long been looking for a guy for sex, but either I didn't like them, or I couldn't get enough courage. Yesterday I met another guy, he was 22. He wasn’t especially ceremonious with me and immediately said he wanted to fuck me. I told him that I had never sex with a guy. He said his cock was 18 cm long and it would hurt, so I could only suck.

None of us had a place, but he said that he knew a man who had, but I had to suck both of them, and that man would fuck me. The man was 37 years old and he had a cock of 25cm. I got very scared. But the guy reassured me saying he had a thin cock so it wouldn't hurt. I had much doubts, because they had to pick me up by car. I thought long and hard but decided I had no way back. We agreed about the place where and when they would come and pick me up. I had come to assigned place, and after 10 minutes they arrived.

- Get in the car, - shouted the younger man.

I got in the car and we started. They were talking about something, and I was silent because I was shy and very afraid. Both were a bit fat. The older man had black bristle and yellowish skin. I didn't really want to be with him, but it was too late. We arrived to his place. I was told to go to the shower and to go out already undressed, and they were going to prepare everything. I went into the shower, washed my head and washed my ass well. I was killing clock as long as possible. But finally I came out.

- Come here, - one of them shouted to me. 

I went to the voice. It was very scary. I was shivering whether from cold, because it was cool in the apartment, whether from fear. I went into the room. They were sitting on the couch and jerking off. When I came in, they stood up. I froze stunned.

- What are you waiting for, come here. 

I came closer and they began to kiss me, then put me on the knees.

- Let him suck you, and then I will do him, - the older man said. 

The guy brought his cock to my lips.

- What are you waiting for, come on and suck. 

The older man opened my mouth by force, and the guy thrust his 18-cm stick in my mouth. He began moving my head back and forth, I just gave up to him.

- Yeah, yeah, that’s it, bitch. 

He inserted his cock in my mouth all down in my throat, it was very painful. He was fucking me in my mouth. Finally after about 10 minutes he came in my mouth and on the face. 

- Well, now my turn, - said the man. – Suck it! 

I took his cock in my mouth, the young guy lied to me, his cock was even thicker than his, so I was scared of the moment he would start fucking me in the ass. 

- That’s it, stand on your all fours! Come on! - the man said. – Ah, not this way! 

He put me with knees and elbows on the floor, and he knelt down and began getting settled. He put on a condom, lubed my ass and began plunging in. 

- Well, get ready. I’m gonna fuck you long! 

He was putting his instrument in, he got only half in, but it was already very painful, I moaned like a bitch! Finally he shove it in completely and began moving his pelvis back and forth, it was painful.

- Enough, please! - I cried.

- Too late, no one forced you to come here!

- Shh, yeah, yeah. 

I was groaning. He was fucking me about ten minutes and then took out his cock. 

- Sit in the chair, - he said, - it's time to change position. 

I sat in the chair, he threw my legs on his shoulders, and began driving into my ass again. I was moaning with pleasure, I was feeling very very good. After 10 minutes he shot his load in.

- That’s all. Now you may go to the shower and we'll take you home then, the procedure is over.

I washed myself, and they took me home as they said. My ass hurt me the whole night, but it was a pleasant pain!


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