Love on the flower glade

— Polyenka, you are so lovely, — Michael was humming, circling around the innocent creature.

Polyenka, embarrased with the pressure of the brutal handsome, tried to look away from persistent lover, shyly hiding her eyes behind the fan of eyelashes. Her heart fluttered, sweet nectar flowed throughout the body.

The air was red-hot with the sun of July, the midday heat was enveloping the space. Michael was becoming more insistent. He used to get what he wanted, always, by any means. Assertive macho was fat and hairy. His striking striped coat was struck at first sight both for gaily-flowering perennial charmers from wild fields and well-tended one-year beauties from intricate landscape beds. Barely hearing the whirring of Michael's wings they used to get invitingly opened, inviting a bumble bee to do the pollination. Oh yeah, he had a vast choice.

Strange, but why has the experienced Romeo got an eye on that plain flower? Lilac dress and that's it. But her scent... tart, honey. It beckoned!

That smell couldn't be compared with neither the charms of flirty fat Violet, who usually saluted him in lace panties, nor delicate mincing Lily. At that moment he even forgot the beautiful Rose. Chic Rose with her grandeur of a Queen and the passion of a wanton got pale in comparison with the innocent charm of his midday dream.

On that hot day of July all the thoughts of Michael were about her only. Fine and elegant Polyenka in a bright lilac dress, which consisted of hundreds of small petals, was gracefully swaying on her leg like a ballerina in a fancy outfit.

He wanted to pounce at her and take possession of that sweet nectar. Michael was holding back as hard as he could.

— My sweetheart, you are looking so delicious! Allow me to kiss you.

- Oh, Michael, stop it, please! — blushed and embarrassed said Polyenka.

She was all trembling whether with a sudden gust of wind, or with passion, which like a wave was rising inside. New feelings scared her, and Michael's pressure was becoming stronger. Imagination was drawing pictures - one more enticing than the other.

- Just one kiss, what could be more innocent? — Michael was flying around trembling Polyenka like the snake of temptation. He was getting closer, casually touching the tiny petals of her lilac dress, then suddenly pulling away, shaking sweet dust off them. As if dancing, Michael was flying around Polyenka.

— I love you, — he whispered to the young creature.

Unable to withstand the pressure of the seducer Polyenka surrendered. Each her petal was trembling, preparing for the sweet moment of pollination. Seeing that resistance was broken Michael hoisted above the pile of lilac shreds. Another second and he dived into the midst of them, right into the center of fragrant nectar concentration.

Breeze was blowing above the glade and spreading voluptuous rustling around.


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