One for seven

I want to tell you about my loss of virginity. I was 18 years old and we were sitting in the apartment of my groupmate and drinking beer. I was the only girl there, I thought they could be trusted. And there were seven guys of different age, but all of them were older than me. After 3 bottles of beer Dennis offered I would get undressed and show them my body. I told him that he was crazy and span a finger at a temple. But the other guys also demanded me to get stripped. I got angry and went to the door. But I wasn't allowed to go. Several hands grabbed me at once and dragged into the bedroom. It was useless to resist...

I lay on the bed and was given some beer to drink. Then Dennis and Valera started to undress me, and the rest actively helped them. Finally naked I was put on the bed and they were deciding who would fuck me first. I started to cry and saying that I was a virgin, but nobody listened to me. Dennis decided to be the first. He was 24 years old and he was older than everyone else.

- Shut her mouth, now it will hurt a little.

The guys grabbed my hands and covered my mouth. Hot Dennis' cock was driving in me. But I was dry and narrow, I shrank my pussy, I was so afraid. Then the guys spread my legs and rubbed me there with oil. The cock was getting in, I felt sharp pain. I began to scream. The rapists were holding me tighter. I felt my flesh breaking. Through the closed mouth I yelled as hard as I could and Dennis' cock pierced me through. Happy with that spectacle the boys began to laugh, jump and remove their pants. Dennis moved a couple more times and came. The bed sheet was stained with cum and blood, but they wouldn't bother. Between my legs everything was itching and I wanted to die.

I had no time to recover, when the second guy got on me. The rest of them began to touch my breast and bite my nipples. I was already howling aloud with pain, and it was turning them on. After the second guy there were the 3-d and the 4-th. The vagina was swollen, and the lower part of the belly hurt. On the fourth rapist they stopped. I lay and couldn't move. The other three, who had not yet had me, wanted to start it faster.

- Hold her, we'll bring her to senses, - said Dennis.

- Bring beer.

The guys brought a bottle of beer. I was stretched like a string and Dennis began pouring beer on my vagina. I thought I was gonna die with pain at that moment. My mouth was shut again, and they hit me painfully on the chest. Then I was pulled on Dima's cock and they twisted my arms, the other six started playing with my tits. Then I was being fucked in the doggie style position. Vadim squeezed my tits tight, very hard and had me roughly. I felt no pain already. When they finally had enough, I was left as if I was crucified on the bed, and the rapists for some time tortured my nipples for a while. Then I was let go home.

That was my terrible first time.


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