My precious

Hello world!

My name is Mark. I'm 21 years old. I used to visit gym, but got bored and started playing basketball. With my height 192 cm this is it! I had a lot of girls, but no serious relationship, never been so hooked to have one girl forever. In general, I want to tell you the story about one habit I got.

I told myself: «That's it, Mark, it's time to think about the future!» It happened that I met one girl, her name was Rita. She's 19, she has brown eyes and a beautiful smile, but she has a little overweight, but the chest number 4, and pumped up ass. It was summer and she invited me to her grandmother to the country village. I didn't hesitate to agree.

Tverskaya oblast. Piece and quiet all around. Fresh air! Everything's green! In the morning, Rita usually went jogging to the lake (about 20 minutes), she offered me to join, but I'm lazy, besides I'm not a fatso.

So, one morning, Rita went for jogging as usual and I stayed home. Grandma had cooked delicious scrambled eggs and muffins with custard. I ate it, washed the dishes and went into the room. I love when everything's clean, there it seemed no one cared, but I decided to get everything cleaned. On the floor there were scattered Rita's sandals, underpants, tights, hair clips, etc. 

I started cleaning up. I took Rita's tights and immediately felt my dick got up. For fun I decided to sniff them and in a moment I shot with cum. Very quickly. I was smelling the droplets of her urine, her sweat, her perfume, I loved it. I saw a white spot on Rita's underpants, picked them up from the floor and licked, and then… grandma entered the room. I blushed. She said:

- Stop fucking around with my pants!

- With y… y… y… yours!!?

- Whose else? Maybe, you need some more to take?

- If it is possible, of course!

Grandma came back with an armful of pants, but I needed dirty ones, then she took off the pants she wore. It was the best underwear, smelling like peony and urine... old urine. It made me very excited, I was approached by grandma, she unzipped my fly and pulled out my cock. She was skillfully jerking my rod with her dry hand and I came again.

This had been going on the whole summer. Granddaughter went jogging in the morning, while I was satisfying her insatiable grandma, and in the evening I brutally fucked Rita.

Have a good rest in the country village of your girl!


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