My first experience with trans

My name is Peter, I am 23 years old and I am a usual Moscow guy. Recently, I got addicted to she-males, I no longer got excited with a video with ordinary women, while girls with cocks got me turned on very much. So I decided to meet with a trans in Moscow. We agreed to meet, I got ready and came to the right place (the girl was found on the special website).

And here the doorbell rings, the door is opened bya charming trans girl and she said "Come in". I went in, we discussed with her all the details and I went into the shower. Stepping out of the shower I saw her lying on the bed and wearing very sexy panties and a translucent robe.

- Like it?

- Very much!

- So lay down next to me.

I came closer, took my briefs off and we started kissing. I was caressing her breasts while her finger was already in my ass. We caressed each other a few minutes, then I was going lower, and then her penis appeared in front of my face.

- Come on honey, try it!

I gently licked the head of her cock, then I heard her groaning, picked up her cock and began gently jerking it while my tongue was working with her testicles, after that I swallowed her penis. I was sucking it, licking the cock head, massaging the testicles, and swallowing completely.

Her hands stroked my head, gently pushing me lower. Understanding without words that my mistress wanted my tongue working in her ass, I slid lower and started to lick her anus. My cock was standing like a stake, I couldn't resist, I threw her legs on my shoulders and drove in her juicy ass.

Moving faster and faster in excitement I took her legs lying on my shoulders and began to lick them, to suck each toe and lick her heels. She was moaning and blissing out with such caresses. I got out of her in order to change position, but there the girl decided to take initiative in her own hands.

- Don't you want me to fuck your ass?

- Of course, I do.

- Then lie down on your belly.

I felt her cockhead touching my anus and a moment later her cock was already ramming my ass. I was in seventh heaven with happiness, she was fucking me an hour, while I had cum twice. "I'm cumming", she cried out, got out of my ass and sat down with her anus on my tongue. I was licking her pussy and she was jerking off her penis, and in a few minutes she sprayed in my mouth a portion of her sweet and thick sperm.


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