My friend is a trans

My name is Irina, I'm 20 years old, blonde hair, slim figure, chest number 4. This story began a year ago.

I came to study in Gelendzhik city. I moved in a Studio apartment with a joint bathroom. The first day I heard a loud electronic music. That continued for next 4 days. Finally I decided to go upstairs and solve the problem. The door was opened by a typical club-girl, as I thought at that time. Black hair, the figure was like mine, fashionable clothes, but for some reason tears were flowing over her face, and there was no one else in the apartment. Her name was Marina. 

She explained to me that loneliness made her be on painkillers in awful doses, she used to stay alone and cry, but our house had awful audibility, so she usually turned on laud music and people thought there was a party in full swing. Then we talked long, then started going to night clubs and bringing guys to our place. They always left from her being very impressed. I always envied her in that.

In Gelendzhik, in the mountains, near the huge sign “MEGAFON” and the smaller “Gelendzhik”, you can find a place you can rent horses to take a ride. Once we decided to take two and head out to the woods. Recently there was a rare for that area, and everything was immersed in the mud. Coming to a particularly muddy puddle, we heard a terrible sound of snapping branches. A huge fat hog was running right to us. Our horses got badly frightened and threw us into a puddle and ran away, Marina got hold of the reins and she was dragged through the mud about three meters more. 

We had to go back home by feet. When I reached the front door I found out I had lost the keys in the woods. I had to go to wash to Marina’s flat, but in addition to all that misery hot water was turned off. There was not enough water in the boiler for two.

- Maybe let's take a bath together? - proposed Marina

- Why not? Best friends can wash together!

I got undressed and turned on the water, Marina started soaping me, then I turned around to do the same with already undressed Marina, but then… Between her legs I saw a strong, thick and long COCK! Damn! I'd never thought of that! She looked like a girl, no Adam's Apple or male facial features or figure, and the voice was just a bit lower than mine. I pulled away, but she grabbed my ass! I began struggling and then she hit me with the head on the wall.

I woke up from warm water flowing over me, and Marina was smearing shampoo over my anus. She did already the same with her (or his, don't know how to call her) instrument. I tried to scream, but my throat was gagged with my thong. She put me in the doggy-style position and began working out my asshole with the handle of her hair-brush. I tried to pull away, but IT kicked me in the stomach and I was forced to submit. In a minute she finally thrust her penis in my hole.

Gradually she was driving deeper and deeper, then she drove to and fro. In a minute the amplitude increased, then it grew on. Then the pace increased. I tried to hum something, and not ceasing to fuck me she pulled the thong from my mouth and I was able to give her constructive offer.

- I do not get any pleasure. Please go down lower.

- No problem!

We had merged into a single dance of naked bodies. After 10 minutes I couldn't hold it back, I gave a cry of relief. She turned me around and began cumming on my face and the mouth. We were sitting and hugging each other until the water got colder. She undid the handcuffs. Finally we finished washing.

- We should repeat it sometimes, - I said.

- Well, as you wish...


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