Good man

The story is written for me by a good man.

I was standing on the platform waiting for the train and thinking: "Once again… once again I’m looking forward to her coming?"

We met at one funny party dedicated to BDSM. She was a little late, but appeared with effect. Her slim body fascinated and lured. Probably, each man wanted her.

She dropped in to us by chance (I thank Fortune for giving me that chance). She was in Moscow not to stay. We chatted a little and I invited her to my place. This is how our “communication” began.

And here I’m standing again on the platform waiting for her train.

"It’s not enough. I've still got not enough of her!"


And again I hear this voice in my head. I shook myself. I'm going to buy more coffee.

On the way home I couldn’t get calm. "She is beautiful as always!" I felt with my skin people staring at us. At me with envy and hatred, at her with lust.

This time… this time I couldn't help myself.

Putting her on all fours over the stool, I tied her thin hands and slender legs to the wooden legs of the stool. "Her mouth is gagged, a collar is on the neck. Today there’s not gonna be any complaints and objections! Today there are no rules! Just my Selfish Lust and her gentle body!"

I drove my chair to her and sat on it feeling like an owner and threw my legs on her thin back.

"Not enough, it's enough for me!" Again my Self was crying from the depths of the consciousness.

She looked at me so calmly, as if she was not tied. Maybe it was confidence, but I thought I saw boredom: "It’s not not new for her from long ago!"

"THAT’S WON’T DO!!!" roared my nature.

I took her purse and started fumbling about in it. She obviously didn't like it, she growled and glared at me. "I just started! You will be more than surprised!"

I took her documents from the purse and began looking them over deliberately. Passport (on the photo she's really cute), foreign passport, a couple of books and so hateful to me "return ticket". I smiled the most devious smile I could give.

I swung my legs off her back, leaned to her face and whispered. My voice was shaking and creaking:

"From now on, you belong only to me!"

"I... take away your Name!"

"I... take away your beloved Surname!"

"From now on you are to be my doll with the sole purpose - to satisfy my lust"

"Now and forever your place is at my feet!"

She didn't growl. She was just looking at me with surprise and confusion.

"It's not enough for me yet!" — persisted the voice in my head.

I’m getting up and going to the kitchen. "She's watching!"

I start the fire on the stove! "She's watching!"

Without looking back I throw her papers into the fire...

At first she just stared unable to believe in what was happening. Then she became hysterical. She tried to scream, tried to tear out of the fetters, knocking the stool over and squirming on the floor. "More, I want more!"

"Bang!" The slap calms her for a long time! "Bang! Bang!" (To nail down the effect.)

Now her eyes are beautiful! They are sparkling with true Fear and her tears only emphasized its shine!

"Now, all her thoughts are about me!"

"Now I’m the only one in her mind!"

"Now she's completely MINE!"

I put the stool (with her) back as it had to be, I drove in her from behind! Roughly and sharply. She was sobbing. Pain, Despair and Fear! I was raping her for about half an hour with her face turned to the mirror for I did not want to miss even a single tear.

When I had cum, I moved away from her.

"I HAVE… NOT ENOUGH!" Again sounded in my head.

I examined her hot body: "Thin neck (I'm ready to bite it Forever!), soft skin of her back, taut ass... That’s what doesn’t belong to me yet!"

And again I stretched my hand out and picked up massage oil (it’s good enough!).

Her sobbing resumed with renewed vigor. Her almost dry eyes filled up with tears again.

I'm not a "Good man" any more.

I'm a wild beast! Ruthless and Merciless Creature!


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