Wild beach

This beach was far away from the main places of having rest, you might see almost no one there. That’s why coming here, I usually swam naked. So it was that time as well.

Before going into the water I saw my reflection in it — I saw a very thin, even almost skinny young man.

Then warmed by the Sun water took my body.

I was swimming a long time, more than an hour. Only when the waters of the tropical ocean had been disturbed by the ghost of upcoming storm, I decided not to risk and headed to the shore.

But to my surprise now I was not alone. Not far from me there were two girls standing. I looked at them unable to look away from their magnificent shapes.

The first one was a brunette with wide hips. Her ample chest was concealed with leopard swimsuit.

The second one blondie coming up to the water let me easily watch her incredible ass in pink.

They both - beautiful, tanned and sexy — seemed to be wild Amazons from rainforest, coming from those times when fashion had not yet turned our women into flat skinny girls.

Then, I felt a perverse and lustful desire to go nearby letting them see my nature (although I understood that such luxurious ladies wouldn't pay me their attention).

Both women, now sitting on the blanket, noticed me. Blondie nodded in my direction, telling something to her friend, and they both laughed.

Then blondie beckoned me.

I could hardly extort hesitation, but went towards them. The understanding that the girls see me completely naked was making me dizzy and besotted.

— Hi, — the dark-haired said, — We're here for the first time.

As always happens, treacherous muteness overwhelmed me. I was going through dozens of answers in my mind, but my tongue refused to obey me.

But girls looked as if not interested in my speeches. Their eyes were turned to my standing and pointing at them cock.

At this point, shyness had finally got on me.

— Sorry, I should probably go, — I barely squeezed out, standing up and heading to my belongings.

But, taking the first step, something pushed me down. I had been face-pressed to the sand. Turning my head I saw that I was hold by those same girls.

I tried to pull away, naively believing that being a man I'm stronger than them — but I felt as if they did not try to hard to cease my fluttering. That incredibly humiliating action was accompanied by the fact that my hands and feet were being bound with soft but very strong fabric. Less than several minutes had passed when I was securely packaged and immobilized.

They stood up off me and watched me trying to get untied and unfettered.

— Let me go... Please, - I begged them. But then I decided to threaten them, - I will call the police!

They both burst out laughing.

— Really?! So what are you gonna tell them? A grown man had been blotted by two girls?

I bit my lip and realized they were right — I would have never dared to tell about such kind of humiliation.

I was turned onto my back and laid on the blanket.

— Are you good at tongue work? — winked blondie.

— I... No... What? - her swimsuit was lying on the sand and I could see the nice curves of her beautiful body.

— That’s OK, you’ll learn now, — without giving me time to recover, she sat on me, pressing her pussy to my face. There was no other way out — my tongue touched her tender flesh, then I began doing it faster and penetrating deeper. She was passionately moaning as if fucking me with her pussy. I could feel her smell and the taste. At the last moment her hips pressed together squeezing my throat, then she uttered a moan and came.

But I wasn’t allowed to relax even for a second — after a moment, I was pleasing the brunette the same way.

My dick felt the touch of tender lips. They touched and went away, teasing me, but then blondie captivated him, raping me with her mouth. Through my body the waves of pleasure were rolling I never experienced before.

I don't know how long that outrageous orgy had been going on, but when they had squeezed all the power from my body, they ceased to torment me. It was already late at night.

I didn't resist as I was put in a big bag. Then I was taken away on the back seat of the car — I’ll be a slave for those Amazons for a very long time.

And I do not mind.


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