A part of my life

In the summer, about 2 years ago I moved to another city, in a new building district. The construction process continued and there were not so much of inhabitants. Day and night guest workers were working. Freedom and lust surrounded me. I was using it in full. Before that I was fond of disguising, but this time, I took this matter seriously. In evenings I put make-up and got dressed like a sexy doll and masturbated and it was enough for me, but not for long!

My imagination took me farther, I thought "if I go out at night to stroll through the streets looking like that in the morning no one would recognize me, and even if yes, soon everyone will be away from there". At night I’m out of the house, go out with a package of women's things: lush dress, a bra, stockings, heels, a wig and panties. I’m going into the woods, changing clothes and I leave the bag with clothes over there.

Excitement overwhelms me, my ass bulges out swaying, the gait has changed, and now I am a girl! I'm not touching my dick, I know that I won’t be able to hold it back for long and the game will be soon over. I wanted to be a girl longer! And I went out filled up with adrenaline, hard boner and the legs were giving way.

I came up to the end of a forested area close to the building house and watched around. These trips became oftener, and each time they got farther and farther away. I'm already walking along the dark streets, and each time I hear the men shouting and it’s turning me on much. Coming home after a walk I usually fuck myself hard. "I’ve decided, I want a cock! Today I will go and look for it!" Two days I had been looking for it and getting ready to come to him and finally I come to a guy at the time he was alone. It was a young and humble guy. He looks at me and I look at him, beckoning him with a gesture, he is coming closer.

I take him by a hand and drag him into the woods. I press him to the tree and my hand plunges into his briefs, it’s the first time I touch someone else's cock. That’s it! A real slut is waking up in me, I swallow his rod completely, my eyes are watering and we both are moaning, my cock was about to burst, I was jerking off and controlling the process. I wanted to cum at the same time with him. As soon as he came in me, I came too, his sperm was falling either in my mouth or on my face.

After we had been done, I ran away. I was ashamed of the incident and gave up those hikes out in the city. But as time had shown, It didn't last long, after 2 months on the same place I was already being fucked by three and all I enjoyed was pleasure and bliss. I have never experienced such bliss before. The buildings construction had been long over, and my adventures were over as well, but they remained in my memory for a lifetime.


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