Hot friday night

One evening I was coming back home from work. My dear slut met me at home, she was wearing a robe and under it I could see the fishnet stockings and shoes with high heels. I asked:

- What are we celebrating, my dear?

- Today I'll introduce you to my fitness trainer, Dennis.

I always got excited with cheating, so I grabbed Natasha with my hands, carried her into the room and laid her on the bed. She took off the robe, spread her legs and I immediately began preparing the pussy of my beloved for a new cock. After several minutes of oral caresses Natasha sat on my face and I continued licking. At that moment my slut’s phone rang, it was that very Dennis.

- Honey, the door is open, - she said over the phone. After a moment, a muscular blond entered the apartment and began getting undressed.

Natasha got off me and walked over to Dennis, who was already naked. She knelt down and began to caress his cock. He was circumcised, I wouldn’t say he had a huge one, but good enough size. Natasha one motion plunged it completely in her slutty mouth and eagerly began to suck it and choking at that. Dennis took my whore on the head and started hammering her in the mouth. After that my wife wiped her mouth and reached to kiss Dennis.

He took her hips and raised on his arms, Natasha embraced him with her legs and they began kissing passionately. I came up to them and went on licking the crack of my wife and then I took Dennis’ cock and inserted it in Natasha. Dennis took hold of her hips harder and started to fuck her so hard that his cock popped out of the fucked out hole. Then my wife took his rod and turned it back in her again and went on having fun.

I got a place from behind and drove in the ass of my beloved. She was screaming like a mad bitch and asking me to fuck her faster and harder. Dennis pulled out his cock and I lay on his back. Natasha fell on me and I spread her legs. Dennis began licking her cunt until she had an orgasm. Then Natasha knelt down and began to suck our cocks in turn. I could no longer hold it back and cum in my wife’s mouth, she did not miss a drop and swallowed it. Then I participated in the role of spectator.

Natasha posed the doggy-style position and Dennis drove in her cunt. He was slowly driving his cock all in and pulling out. Gradually he was increasing the pace and fucking her with great strength. The room smelled with hard sex. There were squelching vagina sounds heard and spanking from the blows of testicles over the clitoris. My cock was up again and I started jerking off and soon I came. At that time, the lovers changed position, Dennis sat down on the chair, and Natasha was on top of him. Dennis started touching her tits and licking the nipples.

Natasha was pulling herself on the cock so hard that slapping sounds again became heard. The dick entered her smoothly, she was dripping wet and Dennis’ shiny cock became clearly visible. Soon my slut came again, and Dennis didn’t make wait for him long as well and squeezed the ass of my whore shooting his load in the womb of my wife.

It’s a beautiful sight when your wife at your home is being fucked and getting another man’s sperm in – this is an incredible feeling. Natasha climbed off the cock and cum flowed from her huge hole over Dennis’ belly and the cock. She stood on her all fours and began licking the rest of sperm off his cock and I watched her fucked out hole, which was gradually getting smaller and the last drops of sperm were dripping off. I could not resist and licked her crack clean all over.


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