Hot deal

Sarah has been working in real estate company for several years and has established herself as a leading specialist. Her picture is on the company’s wall of fame. Cute blonde with great figure. Such a girl can easily attract the attention of any man. Sarah successfully uses it, sometimes with non-traditional methods.

So making the last deal she had to do a good blowjob to the seller making him reduce the price. Going to a meeting Sarah always dresses sexy. And this time she wore a thong, stockings, a short skirt and a blouse without a bra under the jacket. And it was all decorated with stiletto heels! She parked the car at the customer's house, got out, straightened her short skirt and went to the meeting.

She entered the apartment with two bedrooms and in the doorway she was met by a nice young man who introduced himself as Oleg. Sarah came into one of the room and saw three more guys. Sarah felt their lustful looks at her. “Anton, Dima, Sasha”, Oleg introduced his friends to Sarah and offered to inspect the apartment. Looking and estimating they began trading. Oleg did not want to reduce the price at all.

Realizing that the situation was hard, Sarah invited Oleg to fuck her properly with his friends. Readily agreeing his friends surrounded Sarah from all around. Having instantly taken off her clothes, Sarah remained only in stockings and a thong. She left the shoes on for eroticism. Taking their excited cocks Sarah began jerking them off. Then she leaned forward and took Dima’s cock in her mouth at the same time masturbating Oleg. Sasha and Anton pushed the strip of thong to the side sticking their fingers into Sarah's pussy and the ass and rapidly began to fuck her holes.

Excited Sarah wanted to cry out but Dima’s cock in her mouth let her moan only. Then Anton pressed his cock of impressive size to her dripping vagina and sharply drove him in almost to the ground. Sarah was sucking Dima's cock more fiercely. Oleg moved closer to her head and she shifted to his cock plunging its head in her mouth. Sasha was standing aside and slightly jerking off watching his friends fucking that bitch. He walked over to Anton and moving him aside he put the head of his dick to Sarah's anus.

He easily pressed it in and her ass without difficulty let Sasha's dick in. Sarah practiced anal sex very often so her ass was very good worked out. Choosing the rhythm the guys attacked Sarah from two sides. Dima and Oleg were giving their cocks to her in turn, so she could suck them good. Sasha and Anton alternately fucked Sarah in the pussy and in the ass. Then they exchanged places while Anton and Sasha in turn were fucking Sara's mouth. Dima and Oleg were fucking her ass.

When each of the boys had visited all her holes, Sarah asked them to fuck her all holes at the same time. The friends liked the idea. They put Sarah on her all fours. Dima got a place from behind and drove in her vagina. Anton and Oleg pressed together their cockheads tried to stick them in Sarah's mouth. She embraced them with her lips as tight as she could. Sasha stepped over Sarah's ass, lowered down a bit and drove his rod in Sarah's ass.

Four lustful males were having the girl at the same time bringing her extreme pleasure. Sarah had lost count of her orgasms. She wanted the guys to cum soon and pour her body with warm sperm. The first cumshot was Sasha who was unable to restrain any longer. He took his penis out and shot the load on Sarah's ass. Dima followed him and erupted his cum on her ass as well.

Anton and Oleg shot their cum on Sarah's face. Covered with men's sperm Sarah was standing on her all fours. The streams of sperm were flowing over her ass and the face. The room was filled with the smell of cum. The guys picked up tired and exhausted Sarah and took her to the bathroom to freshen up. And then they made the best hot deal for everybody.


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