Sweet dream

I open my eyes looking up at the ceiling. The room is dimly lit. Groping my mobile phone. Its light is blinding me at the first press on the lock button. It’s early morning. I’m putting the phone with the screen down and turning on one side, my hand pulling the wheezing body closer.

Her ass is resting right against my cock. She’s mumbling something incoherent, tossing and turning and throwing a hand under her cheek. My girl. I’m slowly getting under her t-shirt until my hand gropes her evenly heaving chest. So warm, so soft. She is mumbling something but not waking up. I decide to take the risk.

I’m carefully making my way to the nipple, fingering it, and it’s swelling with my touches. Having played enough, I tear off trying to avoid the bed creaking, turning her on her back. As a response I hear an indignant grunting. I cling to her chest with my lips, licking and sucking the nipples. Barely audible moans are escaping from her lips. I’m tracing my finger from the cheekbone to the half-open mouth. Her tongue moves towards me.

She is sucking my finger, biting it a little, wriggling all over. But she’s not waking up. I take my hands and lips away. I’m bringing my cock to her lips. The story with the finger repeats. I’m trying not to jerk and not to make any noise. Going deeper, slowly moving in her mouth. She’s moaning softly, working with her tongue.

The tension in me reaches the limit point. I take the cock away from her soft lips. Pulling her panties off, a speck of moisture is staying on them. Trying her by fingers. Very wet, warm, and sleepy. She’s mine.

I’m getting in, and she’s inhaling air loudly. I start moving, receiving quiet moaning in response. She’s writhing beneath me. I'm moving faster. Moans are shifting into quiet and indistinct mumbling. I’m listening. My name falls from her lips, accompanying each thrust. Pressing against her hot body and increasing the range of motion. The bedroom is filling up with the two of us, with our breath and our smell.

I’m bursting unable to bear the last loud cry. I hear the blood is pounding in my head. She is still mumbling my name and taking the fetal position, trembling. I’m lying next to her and pulling her towards me. The sunlight is shining through the curtains.

Good morning.


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