Virtual reality

The morning had come suddenly. All night long they were passionately drumming on the keyboard, fantasizing what their real meeting would be like. They met online in the Internet like thousands of other young people searching for novelty. 

Horny with night chat he invited her to his place, and surprisingly, she immediately agreed. His heart was beating madly in the chest in anticipation of the sexy stranger, so skillfully bringing his burning heart and dignity into excitement. 

The doorbell rang. He opened it, and stunned by the heartbeating he was looking at her. He couldn’t see her face that was hidden behind large round glasses. He saw her lush hair, long, hot jet-black. She was tall wearing ripped jeans and stretched t-shirt that couldn't hide such tempting shapes. 

Without saying a word, she was pushing him deeper into the apartment. He was confused, he was not ready for such a brazen pressure. Pushing him back on the bed, she majestically sat on top. Throwing off the shirt she exposed her perky tits, bringing the enticing nipples to his mouth. Like a possessed one, he was catching them with his lips. With one hand he furiously fingered one breast, and he almost swallowed the second one biting and licking a little. Excitation was great, he was about to erupt right in his pants.

He lifted her up and threw her on the bed, then he pulled off the jeans and the panties and his mouth was ready to dig in her burning pussy. The juices of lust flowed. He knew, another second and he would not be able to give her a real pleasure. IN another moment he was already pulling her on, so daring, sexy and real. 

His hands were feeling the trembling graceful body, hardly touched by sun, such a perfect, that it was breathtaking. Looking from above at her sensual slightly open mouth, the neck line and the shoulders, plump breasts, down lower to the very hot spot, he was getting excited more and more, losing control... Wrapped with the net of mystery, with captivating beauty and passion, he was losing his grip on her and was overthrown again. 

She again straddled him, playing with him, she was running her thin fingers over his body barely touching his penis strained like a string. He wanted going farther praying with the eyes: "Go on, take it in your mouth". She had brought him almost to frenzy and in the end she fulfilled his request. She dragged him closer. She was crumpling him like clay, she was biting him a little and licking. And there, having emptied himself, he spread his arms and closed his eyes enjoying that indescribable feeling.

The door slammed. He rushed to the computer blinded with desire to send a message to her. "Account deleted", — he couldn’t believe his own eyes again and again refreshing the page... "Account deleted". The inscription was blinking, and it seemed about to explode. Watching that he realized that he knew neither her name, nor her phone number, nor her voice...


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