How my husband made a slut of me

My name is Milena. I'm 27 years old. I'm a little plump brunette with lush breast and tempting shapes. I'm married. My husband's name is Gleb, he's 45. Despite the age difference, we have a great relationship, but lately we are lack of money. One day his friends Dima and Yura came to visit us, to chat and drink wine. They have never had a problem with money.

And we had another money crisis that time. I went to the kitchen, and the men remained in the living-room to discuss something. When I came back, my husband took me to the balcony to smoke. Oleg told me: "Mila, we are really in need of money. Dima and Yura offered one thousand each if you are ready to blow them. I would have never suggested this, but you know how bad our situation is."

I honestly was taken aback with such a proposal. I never expected this from my husband. He and his friends were tipsy enough, and so was I. I said I couldn’t do that, I had to think it over.

That evening I was wearing a tight short black dress, which accentuated my ass, and had a front zip closed not to the end making my chest visible, of course, within limits. My husband and I returned to the living-room. Dima and Yura were looking longingly at me when I walked past them. Dima said: "Well, did you decide to make some money?" I looked down and said: “I can't, I love my husband only”. Oleg said, "What a heck, she’s ready, pull your cocks out". Dima immediately jumped to me, grabbed me by the hair, put me on the knees and began to unbutton his pants.

He pulled out his dick, it was long and thick, my hubby got a smaller one, and he began shoving his tool in my mouth. I tried to pull away, but he punched me on the face and said: "Come on, bitch, suck it!" I opened my mouth, he spat in there and then drove his cock into my throat down to the balls. Then Yura came up, unbuttoned my dress baring my chest.

He gave me his cock in a hand and began kneading my tits and twisting the nipples. My husband was watching all that and jerking off through the pants. "Move over, let me have her mouth too", said Yura to Dima and put his cock in my mouth instead of Dima’s. It was not very long, but very thick with huge balls. He was holding me by the hair and driving his cock faster and faster. "Mm, you have such a nice slut. What if we give another five thousand each have her all the ways we want", - said Yura. Dima agreed with him and said that he always wanted to stick it in me, he always liked my tempting ass.

Such impudence made me stunned and I released the cock from my mouth, for that I was slapped on the face and a spit from each. Tears were running down my face with resentment and humiliation. At that my hubby was wanking his cock hard saying that he agreed, but they three would have me. Oleg came up to me with his standing cock, raised by the hair, kissed me on the lips and said, "I'm Sorry, I wanted to fuck you with someone together, so take off your clothes, slut". He pulled off my dress, and Dima tore off my panties and the bra.

I was put in the doggy-style position. From front my beloved husband was fiercely fucking me in the mouth like the worst whore, and Dima got a place from behind pecking my cunt. His huge cock barely fitted my hole. He began driving his cock in me down to the balls as hard as he could. From time to time Yura pushed my husband aside to fuck my mouth. Then Dimon lay on the bed and pulled me down on his cock. I could barely sit on it, it was so huge! Yura stood up above Dima and then drove his cock in my mouth. 

And my beloved hubby was getting place at my butt that I didn't like, because we've never practiced anal sex. He took a piece of butter and began shoving it up in my ass. When the butter had melted, he was pecking my ass with one finger, then with two and then with three. When my anus was ready, he was pushing his cock in. It was going in hard, because my cunt was being furiously rammed by Dima’s huge cock. I tried to scream, but Yura spat in my mouth, and said, "Shut up, whore!" and went on fucking my mouth harder. 

Then Dima and my husband at the same time drove in my two holes down to the balls. They caught one pace and started double simultaneous fucking. Dima twisted my nipples, and my husband was spanking me on the ass and shouting: "Good slut!" My husband could not hold it back and was the first to cum in my ass growling like a beast. His place was immediately occupied by Yura, and my husband gave me his cock to lick over. Yura said, “Dima, let’s shove two cocks in her pussy at once” and got a place next to him.

They stuffed up their huge cocks into my pussy and began fucking me in one hole. It lasted not long, they broke down and almost simultaneously came on my anus. Then they forced me to lick their cocks over. They offered us to meet more often, and my husband and I no longer had problems with money.


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