Looking for adventures

One day my lover invited me to his home. For the reason my sweet fanny wanted adventures I happily agreed. He asked me to take bracelets for binding by the hands and the legs and warned me he would be with his friend there. We agreed at 21.00 at his place.

I knew there wouldn’t be any friend, so I was going there fearing nothing. Sasha was home alone. We sat down on the sofa and he offered me beer. I agreed. After that he undressed me and laid on the sofa. My eyes were blindfolded with black band, and my arms and the legs were spread wide apart with the help of bracelets and straps. I was waiting. A familiar hand began caressing my clit and the slit with confident and arrogant movements.

I was leaning towards his caresses. My pussy was dripping wet. Sasha left the room and I heard the entrance door slammed. I tensed, realizing that, perhaps, his friend was really coming. I called him but nobody answered. At this time, someone entered the room. Someone's cool hand touched my thigh and tried to penetrate into my pussy. I called my lover again, but the only response was persistent and penetrating movement of cold fingers in.

I couldn't resist those penetrations as I was bound tightly by the arms and the legs. So I had nothing to do but relax and have pleasure. His cock entered me and began pacing up. I couldn't understand who was it - him is or that was a game and there was a dildo in me. What if there are really two of them and my holes are in danger and what if it was his friend now fucking me and Sasha watching all that.

Excitement and thoughts did the trick and I dripped as hard as never before. Asking to release one hand from the bracelet I immediately put it on the clit and began masturbating fiercely. Less than a minute it took to cum and again… the door creaking and the hands of my lover on my pussy.

"Let's go" - I heard a familiar voice. 


"Don't ask, just do as you're told. Tonight you're our whore"

We went on. The blindfold made it impossible to see the way. I was bent down and appeared to be with my stomach on something hard. The feet and the hands were again spread apart and tied. Someone's fingers slipped inside my pussy and began skillfully bringing me to ecstasy. When there was so much juice that it flowed down over the legs, Sasha again called Oleg. By gestures he showed that he had warmed me up for him.

Huge cock tried to plunge in me to the whole depth, but realizing that 19 cm is too much for me at once, he began to move in slowly cm by cm, deeper and deeper until he plunged into me all in down to the balls. Cold fingers touched my ass again and I knew it wasn't my lover but his friend. Sasha was sitting in the opposite chair and enjoying the scene.

He caressed his cock and was ready to cum any moment. The feeling that his beloved pussy is being unceremoniously fucked in front of him by someone else increased the excitement. In the moment Oleg shoved his rod all in, he came. I came as well, but my pussy was still dripping treacherously, like a real slut’s and I wanted more and more. Oleg had cum and moved away.

At that time Sasha put his cock in my mouth and began fucking me, trying to get sharper and deeper. The legs got numb, the pussy was dripping and I resisted nothing. I had only one desire to cum on and on.


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