Nice morning

It was four o'clock in the morning.

Quietly, not to wake the sleeping wife, I left the apartment. The car obediently started up and I drove it away from the yard. On the corner of the road there stood a young pretty woman; her plain jacket looked great with short tight skirt. I immediately recognized Victoria from our HR Department.

"Why is she going to work so early?" I thought, turning to her and opening the door of the car.

— Get in, pretty girl. — I invited.

— Oh, it's you. — She shivered with the morning chill and sat down on the front seat.

— Why are you out so early? As for me, I got the reason, we have the project delayed, and what’s your reason? Can't sleep? — I asked.

- Yeah. No chance to sleep. — She sighed. – the whole night I was arguing with my husband. Only in the morning he calmed down. Now he’s asleep. I’m boiling nervous, can’t stay at home, so I decided to run to work, it’s good at least I brought the daughter yesterday to my mother. It’s good she didn’t see that.

I looked in the right mirror and then my eyes fell on her naked short skirt and smooth, delicious knee. Since I had been on a starvation diet this spectacle could not leave me indifferent. She said something, talking about that the last time her husband became addicted to alcohol. But I was fascinated by the fantasies at the sight of her beautiful legs, and I didn't even understand what she was saying. I tried not to look at the leg illuminated by the lights on the dashboard, but my eyes automatically slid off on her sexy knee. She was wearing black tights that made her legs even sexier.

Resisting the desire that overwhelmed me was pointless. Not looking at her I put a hand on her leg a little above the knee. She stopped in mid-sentence and stared at me with surprise. I moved the hand a little higher.

— What are you doing? — For some reason she whispered.

I said nothing and didn’t remove the hand. Victoria clenched her legs squeezing my palm. I pulled off the road, we were on a deserted part, only in the distance we could see a few cottages. We were already outside the city.

Vika was surprised looking at me.

- What's wrong with you? — She asked with the same whisper. Again I said nothing, and in a second I dug in her lips.

Here it is necessary to clarify: Vika and I had known each other a long time. We liked each other, but nothing more.

— What are you doing?! Are you nuts? — Vika exclaimed in whisper.

— No, I’m not. Since long ago I’ve been wishing to do this. — I said whispering as well.

— What? To hold my leg? — She scoffed.

— Not only. — I became bolder.

She said nothing but I felt her legs relaxed. Using this, I ran a hand even higher and realized that she wore not pantyhose, but stockings. My hand rested on the hot guipure triangle.

— Don’t. — She whispered, but somehow uncertainly.

— Let’s go to the back seat. — I offered. My voice trembled with excitement.

— Maybe, we shouldn’t do that? — She said more of female coquetry, more out of habit than she really wanted me not to do that.

I walked around the car and opened the door giving her a hand. Embarrassed she settled down beside me on the backseat of my weathered АUDI

— No, you're completely crazy. — She said in full voice.

- Maybe. — Vaguely I said. 

My hand lay on her thigh and started up to the spot where it was hot and wet. She threw her head back, her large breasts, concealed only with a thin cobweb of the bra and the cloth of the blouse, seemed to jump out breaking the fabric holding them. I undid a button on the jacket, and began slowly raising her blouse, while looking at the expression of her face.

I rode up the blouse and was pleasantly surprised by the bra clasp position in front between the tits. My fingers were already trained on it (the wife wears the same) and with well-known movement undid it. Big creamy and swollen with excitement nipples appeared before my eyes.

— Please, don’t. — The last time she tried to stop me.

With a sort of silent frenzy I was fondling her large firm breasts, touching her tense nipples with my lips. I was kissing the cleavage and inhaling the scent of her clean, healthy female body.

Her eyes were closed, the lips slightly opened and I could feel she was pretty hungry for caresses. I started kissing her body and getting lower and lower.

When I reached the belly-button, she started moaning gently, put her hands on my head and was softly pushing me down...

She took off her skirt, pulling it down to the feet and hung it on the headrest of the passenger seat, then her blouse followed over there as well. We changed places. Now she was sitting on top of me completely naked. The entrance to her pussy was narrow, but her excitement did the trick. She was dripping wet quite enough, and my excitement was so extreme that I didn’t meet any resistance and drove my whole instrument in her. She groaned, biting her lip, and began rhythmic movements.

Who did it in the car, that one will understand how it is inconvenient having sex there, but we were so excited that did not notice anything around. That couldn’t last long. I felt her vagina muscles contracting, she had an orgasm. Realizing that, I also shot the load with powerful jets. She groaned, digging her nails into my shoulders. Vika fell on me, heavily breathing.

- It was really something incredible. - Excitedly I whispered, barely breathing.

— What have we done?! - She exclaimed, and began dressing up frantically.

Being completely dressed, we were sitting on the back seat, and coming to senses.

- I don't know what has come over me. - She said, looking into my eyes.

— Holy shit! — I exclaimed. — We forgot about protection.

- Are you afraid I'm unhealthy? — She looked at me slyly.

— No. I mean the other thing. You can get pregnant.

She smiled and moved her brow.

— Well, I'm married. I can say a child is from my husband, he won’t remember anything when he wakes up.

— No, that's not right. - I said.

— Okay, don't worry, I use protection. - She said with a sigh.

— I'm not afraid, just... - I didn't know what to say.

After sitting a little more we calmed down and went on our way to work. We were late, of course, but not much. After that, I often gave her a lift to the place of work in the morning...


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