On the roof

She was standing on the roof of an ordinary 9-storeyed house. It was almost midnight. It was a warm summer night. Light wind waved her long hair and tiny dress on the naked body. The girl's name was Elena. She was short, had a beautiful figure and a neat ass. Her body was shaking a little, but not with cold, rather with excitement. You may think she just likes to look at the city lights at night. Of course, not. What then could force that young creature to get in such a place at night. She couldn't understand it either. But something irresistibly was drawing her over there. She was shaking with excitement, because right there she had got an appointment to meet with him.

Suddenly she heard barely perceptible to ears steps. Her heart was beating harder, the breathing became more frequent. Maybe it's a maniac? Suddenly, a hand rested on her shoulder, and near her ear a gentle male voice whispered her name. Had it happened in a bright daytime, we would see joy shining in her eyes. After all, it was the one she was waiting so excitedly, the one she didn't stay in a warm bed, the one she came here almost naked for.

His hands gently removed the straps of the dress from her shoulders and it fell silently down to her feet, opening her young spectacular body. She was looking charming. Slender, beautiful legs, rounded taut ass, flat stomach, totally shaven pubis and small tits. Cascade of hair was falling from her thin shoulders half covering her back.

His lips were slowly showering her neck with kisses. One hand gently but firmly squeezed her chest and another hand slightly parted her vulvar lips, slowly rubbing the entrance to her young vagina. The excitement was growing each second. Elena was standing with her eyes closed and moaning softly. Suddenly, strong, powerful hands abruptly turned her facing him and, pushed on the shoulders, and seated her on his lap. In front of her face a nice big male cock was swaying and trembling a little. That sight and smell drove her crazy.

Elena timidly took it and squeezed in her hands. Then with two hands she was doing sliding movements. From above she heard approving rumbling. She embraced the cock with her lips and pushed it deeper into her mouth and then slowly pulled it out. From time to time she stopped pulling the dick out and just running her tongue over it. Then again, she embraced it with her lips, trying to push it as deep as possible. Soon he was holding her head and fiercely fucking her mouth. The high point was close, but he didn't want to cum so quickly, and pulling back he pushed Elena abruptly and turned her on her stomach and without any preparation, sharply thrust his penis into her dripping vagina.

She groaned. «Oh, it is so huge! Great! Hard! Come on, come on! Fuck me! Fuck!

Dirty words out of the mouth of that beautiful girl had a tremendous impact on him. He literally growled and began frantically driving his cock in the female's body. The girl was moaning and tossing about beneath him.

He could see just her back, her whole body was twitching in time with his thrusts. She was lying with her face buried in her own dress, and he was holding her hair and furiously fucking her vagina. For both of them it was a great sensation. With sharp and strong thrusts he was driving his spear deeper and deeper, the girl was shouting aloud. He was about to cum. Blow. Then another blow, making the young body shake, and a thick white liquid gushed out of strained cock filling up the vagina and running out on the dress. He pulled his instrument out of her and lay down beside. She was shaking and sobbing silently, they both were breathing heavily and were completely satisfied. The easy breeze was bringing cool air to their naked bodies...


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