Red negligee

- Does your spine hurt?

- Yes. During the competition someone kicked me on the back...

A pretty blonde of about forty five was standing in the subway car and smiling nicely.

— It's easy to cure... I can make a wonderful elixir. Smear it over your back and no more pain then.

The healer took out a piece of paper, wrote down a phone number and got off at the next stop. I immediately put a note in the pocket and shifted my thoughts to everyday problems.

I recalled that chance meeting in a month when before the September rain my spine againbegan aching between the shoulder blades. I dialed the number. Gentle and a little insinuating voice said, "What took you so long to call? The ointment is ready. Can you come today?" "Is it ok for you? It's already half past nine, and I won't be earlier than eleven." "Don't worry. I go to bed late. Write down the address."

Metro station Proletarskaya, five minutes of walking, the ninth floor. The door. Bell ringing.

— Come in. Take a seat. May I offer you my special herbal tea with strawberry jam?

The tea party did not last long.

- Thank you very much, but I gotta go. Tomorrow I have to get up early to work...

- Let me rub your back. Take off your shirt and lie down on the sofa. And I'll go and get the potion.

I barely pulled off my t-shirt, undid the belt on the jeans and stretched out on the sofa, when the lady appeared. A jar in the hand, and her only clothes was only a transparent red negligee. She began rubbing my back with ointment. I've never felt such hot hands. I felt dizzy and my heart was beating frequently. "Okay", I thought, "Why not fucking the old lady fifteen minutes. Just in gratitude for her care. She's so excited. Probably, she hasn't had a man for a long time". I rolled onto my back, threw off the remaining clothes and suddenly noticed that my cock has grown to unprecedented proportions and was curved like a sword.

The pharmacologist quickly pulled off her robe and like a rider jumps on the horse she jumped on me. She did it so deftly and dexterously that I barely had time to gasp and turned out to be in her.

It was a real gallop! Fifteen minutes had passed like a moment. When I wanted to cum, I heard: "Don't you dare cum! Fuck me! Fuck me good!" She was looking straight into my eyes. She was looking without blinking! She was looking at me like a boa constrictor looks at a rabbit!... I wanted to throw her off me, but my arms and the legs would not obey. They were heavy and turned into stone. The senses dulled. I could see and realize everything, but could do nothing.

The jumping was going on and on. When my body tried to pour out sperm, she screamed, "Don't you dare! Fuck me! Fuck me good!" And that cry of pain echoed in my brain. I lost the sense of time. I was terrified... "Stay down, fucker! I'm off for a pissbreak..."

I fell off the sofa, in subconscious state I grabbed my stuff and, I don't remember how, but I appeared outside, right in the center of the road in the light of car headlights.

— Hey, fella, are you nuts? Six in the morning and with bare feet. Did you get mugged?

— Man, save me! Here is the money. Take me to Kuntsevo!

My cock was monstrously swollen, bleeding and aching. Several days I could hardly move around. A week later I went to punish the "hospitable" lady. The door was opened by a young girl.

— We got this apartment only the day before. The former owner moved out and I don't know where...


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