Milena. A day with friends

The long-awaited evening had come and as I promised Vadim, I put on the panties and the stockings with a garter belt under the jeans. We met at my house and started calling friends to have a walk. In the end, after half an hour we had about 7 persons, so we decided to take drinks and walk around the city. In our city there is a large park and you can get there by two ways.

The first is through the main entrance and the second one is across the abandoned railroad. The second method people usually do not like to use and we decided to go that very path drinking alcohol by the way. Vadim decided we needed to slow down and said:

- You guys go, and we need to talk about something.

The guys were going farther, and we pretended to talk.

- I'm ready and put on the clothing you asked me.

- Wonderful!

- Come on, there is a bridge, we can go under and do what we want over there.

We walked away and went under the bridge. Vadim's cock was already tense making a big tent on his jeans.

- Give it to me, he is so eager to break free.

I got down on my knees and unzipped his jeans. I pulled them down together with the underpants and his cock jumped out. I grabbed it with my lips and began caressing it, playing with its frenulum and slightly biting on the sides. I couldn't swallow good, still he was feeling good, it was clear by his sweet moans. I went on sucking his cock.

Suddenly, somewhere to the left something rustled and one of our friends appeared. His name was Mike, we knew each other for a long time, but never treated each other like with Vadim.

- What are you doing here? - Mike asked and opened his eyes wide.

- Wait, just don't yell. Come here, - said Vadim.

Mike calmly walked over and watched me sucking Vadim's cock. I let the cock out and asked:

- Do you want me to suck yours too?

Judging by his jeans he was very excited and obviously wanted it. Mike lowered his gaze and remained silent. I stood up and approached him, pulled his jeans off and, to put it mildly, I got stunned. There was a pretty big cock, even bigger than Vadim's. I took it in my mouth and Mike groaned. I guess no one had ever blown him before. His cock would not fit in my mouth, my saliva was flowing out dripping on the ground.

Vadim came from behind and raised up my ass and I realized what he wanted. I moved away a bit from Mike, removed the jeans and stuck out my round butt in lace panties and stockings. Mike was very surprised, but kept silent. I gave Vadim a lube and began workiing with Mike's cock. Vadim lubed his cock and my ass and began plunging in me. It was indescribable feeling. I felt like the worst slut being fucked by two guys under the bridge.

- Do you like the way she sucks? - Vadim asked Misha.

- Oh yeah, she's cool!

Then I felt Mike's cock began pulsing and my mouth was hit with the hot jet of sperm, I swallowed it and licked his cock over.

- It was yummy and your cock is very nice! - I thanked Mike.

- Thank you, you're a great slut.

Misha and Vadim changed places, and now Mike was ramming my ass, and Vadim did the same with my mouth. It is beyond words, you need to feel it. A huge cock is moving in your ass and you feel its every curve, and at the same time you are being fucked in the mouth.

Vadim tensed and his cock began to shoot cum in my mouth and almost at the same time Mike was shooting his load into my ass. It was just great! We wiped ourselves with wet naps, got out from under the bridge and went to the park. The whole night we were walking, drinking and talking as if nothing had happened.


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