Be careful what you wish for

Be careful what you wish for. The wishes may come true easily and not as good as you wanted them.

My name is Alina, I am 19 years old and I am… I was a virgin until recently. This is strange for our time to be a virgin, but it’s a fact.

You may ask, how could it be?

I'll tell you. It's easy when two elder brothers watch you all the time and protect from the world, especially from guys. And the guys always considered me as a good friend for heart-to-heart conversations, but as for my best girlfriend, she was fucked just all the ways they wanted, and I was not. I envied her and made a wish, I regretted then, as it soon came true.

In the evening on my way home from the country house I noticed a car following me. I quickened my steps and frantically thought how I could hide from that car. But I didn't have time to run to the garages, when someone threw a bag on my head. I tried to fight back, but suddenly I felt cold steel pressed to my neck and calmed down. I was put in the car. They were taking me somewhere far away, for my legs got numb. When we arrived, they wanted to pick me up, but I was resisting again, kicking and scratching. I heard above my ear the fearsome voice of a guy:

— You’d better not fight, save some strength for our boss.

— I'd rather die than be a gift for your boss.

— But you are a gift, a little wild though.

— He must like you.

— What are you thinking of yourself, freaks!? — I screamed, but they pulled me out, threw on the shoulder and carried to a house.

In a few minutes I found myself in a closed room on the floor. But I realized I was not alone, and several men were watching me. They took their time taking the bag off my head. I heard them talking:

— Is this a gift for my brother?

— Yeah, look at Sergey, he’s scratched all over.

— Yes, she's a wild cat, he must like her.

I got tired of listening and I decided to respond:

— I'm not a gift, but a live human and, moreover, I’m a girl, not a slave!

- Should I try to fix her audacity?

He was getting close to me and I was moving back and stepped on someone's foot. Immediately I swung for a fight, but I did not. Someone gripped my arm and pulled me closer. It was so painfully familiar to me. I heard a male threatening voice:

— I think she's mine, isn't she, Andrew?

- I just wanted to cool her down.

— As I see by Sergey’s example, you are unlikely to succeed.

— I'm not yours, let me go.

— Is it a please or an order, baby?

- This is the order and I'm not a baby.

I was let go and I fell on a soft bed. He ordered his guys to leave the room.

I tried to slide off the bed, but I couldn’t, he caught me and pressed to the bed with his whole body. I was struggling, but he pressed me stronger to the bed and sharply pulled the bag off my head. I saw a handsome guy of 30-35, brunet with cold eyes of a wolf. His touches made me feel hot and unusual, I was shaking like a jelly. I tried to turn away from him, but again failed. He sharply turned my head and gave me a hard-driving kiss, I bit his lip. 

He whispered in my ear:

- You're my sassy cat.

- I'll kill you! I hate you!

— Try, baby, if you can.

He kissed me again harder, and dramatically started taking my dress off and holding my hands over my head.

I was twirling like a snake, so he couldn’t touch me. It was useless, he enjoyed my attempts to break free of his grip. He started kissing my neck, then moved on to the chest. I was bending with his caresses, it was painfully pleasant. When he played enough with my chest, he began descending lower, kissing the belly and slowly getting to the forbidden point. I tried not to let him touch it, but he was persistent.

I tried to push him away, but he abruptly drove in me and I screamed with pain. Tears ran from my eyes, I was so offended with the incident. He was kissing my eyes softly and quietly whispering in my ear:

— Sorry, my baby, be patient. It will go easier.

- I hate you! - I whispered through the clenched teeth.

He was moving slowly, and the pain had passed, and instead the waves of pleasure were slowly taking me to the top of ecstasy.

He paced up, and I was digging my nails in his back and moving in time with him. He growled like an animal and I felt his cock pulsing in me. Then he took a stiletto, turned me sharply on the stomach, so he could see my back, and made cuts on my back like the wings of a fallen angel. He slowly said:

- You're mine forever, baby.


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