A party

It happened long ago. It was the time when the first mobile phones appeared, 

the Internet was like a miracle. I was 18 and longed to try it with a girl.

It was only the beginning of summer, white nights, the heat. One day at a 

lecture I met Kate via text messages. The first few days in the evenings we 

were chatting in ICQ, at that time it was a miracle of communication, nobody 

knew of facebook yet.

Then we moved to small talks on the phone. Her voice was mesmerizing - it 

seemed to me like the one you could hear during the sex on the phone, or if 

you are called by someone trying to sell something. Her voice was incredibly 

exciting. One evening she answered my a bit provocative question. "What do 

you want now?" – I asked and she said: "To suck your hard candy".

This response, combined with a languid voice, just drove me crazy. Earlier 

it turned out that we live at a distance of one metro station. The road to 

her house took about ten minutes, Kate's parents went to the summer cottage 

and she had a small party with some of her friends.

The apartment was on the top floor with access to the roof. For some time we 

were sitting under an umbrella, drinking beer and talking about different 


When it became cooler, we moved into the living room. While we were sitting 

and playing a board game, I stroked her thigh under the table, gradually 

rising higher and higher, under the dress. Kate leaned over and whispered 

that she wasn't wearing her panties. The excitation rolled over again, and I 

went into the next room. A few minutes later she came in and locked the 


She came up, pushed me down on the bed, pulled the jeans with shorts off 

letting the standing cock out. She ran her tongue over it, rode her dress up 

and sat on top. She rubbed it a little and turned it to her pussy. I was 

going crazy, caressing her big boobies under the dress. Kate was moaning 

chokingly, moving faster and faster, my hands moved onto her back, then 

lower under the dress on the ass, squeezing it and moving forward.

Her movements became sharper, the cock was cquelching in the pussy when she 

was pulling herself on him persistently pacing up. At the last moment, she 

slid off the cock and climbed on the bed. She knelt down and lifted up the 

hem of the dress. I could barely stand it, I plunged in her from behind, 

pulling her hips and pressing against her buttocks. A few slow movements and 

there her pussy is already being pulled on the cock again, her hips are wet, 

and we both are barely restraining the moans.

At the last moment she slipped off the cock and cum splattered on her sexy 

ass, she screamed and almost immediately someone pulled the door. Kate 

quickly wiped her ass with the sheets, straightened her dress and slipped 

out of the bedroom. After some time I came back as well, pretending I had a 

little stomach ache. We continued our game, looking at each other and trying 

to pretend as if nothing had happened.

Everybody broke up almost at night. In the morning I also had to wake up 

early to go to classes, so we said “Thanks” to each other, and said goodbye. 

On the way home I was thinking about her tempting body, the smell of her 

excitement and about the fact that soon we would have it repeated...


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