Scientific conference

Scientific conference in a place not far from Riga. A little cold. Autumn. Beautiful. Sad.

The speaker — a slender dark-eyed girl with a shock of black hair. They are rough and unable to hold any hair setting...

After the meeting I’m going downstairs. Walking along the beach, reading my own poems. A cup of coffee gradually turning into the cocktail "Bloody Mary" with Cheetos in a small restaurant, where the waiter refuses to understand Russian, but quickly responds in English or French. Hotel room.

— I don't have a condom...

— It's ok. I have a big problem with pregnancy... Five years, my husband and I have been trying try and still useless... don't be afraid. If I get knocked up — I will say the baby is his.

Plunging in her without any foreplay. Silence. A sad look at the ceiling. Cumming in ten minutes. Going to the shower. A conversation about reincarnation and other rubbish. The second time is long and fruitless. After forty minutes of silent fucking, going to my room.

On the return to Moscow, I forget about the "adventure". Moaning and screaming women scratched it from my memory completely.

A phone call. The voice rings a bell, still I cannot recall. "It's your casual girlfriend. Do you remember the conference in Riga?" "Well, of course, my sweetie!" Although no name was kept in memory. "I want to see you. Can you come tomorrow night? My husband is away on the business trip until the weekend".

Again having a dead fuck?... Although, I’ll offer her to blow me first. If she refuses, I’ll leave without saying goodbye.

Half an hour of brainstorming does not lead to the desired result. Kate, or Olya, or two Kates...? I have to look through the conference materials. Hell yeah! I found it!

One room apartment in the outskirts of Moscow. I barely undid the jacket and turned around, when she, without any offerings, undoes the belt and then the zipper on my jeans... However her tongue is so wonderful.

I have one of the best orgasms I ever had... I’m kicking and screaming like a little puppy...

A couple of minutes of prostration... The enchantress is lying naked on the sofa, her legs are apart invitingly.

I barely did a few frictions, when the fairy began groaning, or rather howling so loud, that I’m thinking about the downstairs neighbors, who must be frantically dialing police number and yelling into the phone: "There upstairs someone is killing someone! Urgent help needed!"

Now the lady’s on top. Squirming so fiercely that my cock is almost breaking. I’m erupting... wow!!!

Trying to bring the breath in order before the second try. I want to draw her closer. She is sitting with her legs crossed... and looking at me so cold, even hostile. "Get up and go away! Nothing more between us, nothing!... And don't even try to call me!"

Fuck you, bitch! Call - do not call! Look at yourself in the mirror oftener! Today I will get dead drunk, and tomorrow I’ll forget about you once and forever...

Don't recall her two months... Wet snow. She is standing in front of my Institute. Wrapped in the coat with Teddy bear fur. "Waiting for someone?" "For you... let's go to the cafe. I need to tell you something."

— You look a little pale today.

- I had an abortion in the morning.

— Who was the probable father?

— You were... Sorry, you need to know.

— ...

— ...

— But you wanted to get pregnant. You said, if you got it, you would lie to your husband that the baby was his.

— I couldn’t tell him...

— Why?

— When we were busy doing "it", he was lying under the sofa...


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