An occasion in the army

I was in the army and I was 21 years old. I opened the interest in men, but I really had no idea how to find and meet someone who would share my interests. I masturbated a lot. Since I was a Sergeant, I had my own room, and I had the opportunity to masturbate as often as I wanted. 

One day I met a sergeant from the 2nd unit, and, I think, we liked each other. We often talked with each other on various topics. But almost always in the end, our conversation shifted to the topic of sex. He talked about his experience of anal sex with women, and I had the impression that in this way he probed my attitude to anal sex. 

A few weeks later I heard he had been caught masturbating in the shower room. I thought he looked pretty silly, because in our community the game with your own wiener is condemned. Later he was seen masturbating in his room with no blinds drawn over the windows. A few guys from his unit saw it. It was a big joke. I began thinking he used that way looking for the guys inclined to homosexual relations. 

And I was thinking about how to catch him during the act of self-gratification. I thought, if he allows himself to be caught, so he must wanted to be noticed. I was thinking hard about our mutual handjob. But how could I get it? 

It was a regular weekend, when I began planning. I offered to make an outing in the nearby city and spend a night there, resting from the hell work of service, and come back on the next day. We left the unit and chatted on various topics and became even closer during the trip. 

He was a tall, white-haired guy with brown eyes and was rather well-built. I was a little bit shorter, but also in a good physical shape, as the army demanded. We got to the Motel and checked in. I supposed if he wanted to masturbate with me, he would do everything that I could catch him doing it. 

I unpacked my stuff and threw a men's pornographic magazine on the floor beside the bed. Then I said I was going to take a shower. I hoped when I get out, he would be playing with his buddy. My cock ached with the fact it was very excited while I was taking a shower. I had a dilemma. If I go with erect and solid cock, he would think I deliberately planned it all. But I couldn't make my buddy go down through the self-satisfaction, for I longed to do it with him. 

I wrapped my hips with a towel, placing the cock in the upright position under it, took the clothes in my hands and quietly opened the door to the room. And I caught him! His cock was thrusting out of his pants and he was wanking hard, watching through the magazine. Seeing me he stopped, but I said "Never mind, I need a discharge as well." With those words, I sat down on the bed next to him. I could not believe that I was masturbating next to that guy! 

His cock was thick and long with big head. Mine was also hard and extremely excited. Within two minutes, we jerked off together, looking through the magazine. Then he said "let's try this way" and, taking my buddy with his hand, he began masturbating actively. It was fantastic! I grabbed his cock with my hand and felt that big smooth cock being completely in my power. 

Feeling that I was going to cum soon, he said, "Do it on me." Since I never came during the last week, 3 or 4 long strands of sperm finally broke out of the head of my cock, landing on his chest, the stomach, and one of’em hit on his face. At the same time his cock was shooting the thick sperm like from the cannon. 

We were lying there, exhausted, our sperm mixed. So we laid the foundation of our excellent relationship, which promised lots of good things ahead.


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