A peach

Once upon a time there lived a Peach. He was quietly growing ripe in the tree along with his brothers and sisters, whose fate had already been predetermined: to become a sweet jam, a filling for pastries or a delicious breakfast with milk. 

Our Peach wasn't happy with the prospect of just being eaten - he wanted to live though something unusual and exciting in his fruit life. A little time had passed, and Peach started his trip. 

A man tore him off the tree and brought him home as a yummy gift for his beloved girlfriend. 

She stared at the Man and stroked the velvety skin of the Peach gently with the tips of her long and thin fingers. 

The Man touched them, and their eyes met and the lips as well. The blush on the girl's cheeks became brighter. «What a pretty face», thought the Peach, «I want to touch it so much». The Man seemed to have read his thoughts - he took the Peach in his hand and ran it over the cheek of his Girlfriend. The Peach felt the tenderness and the warmth of her skin with the smell of his pit. 

Inside the pit the Peach's soul lived, and he immediately wanted to give it to the Girlfriend of the Man. He liked her very much. 

The man began to undress her slowly and the Peach thought if he could get undressed so to take his pit out and give it to her. He didn't have to be thinking long – gradually the Man did everything for him – he broke the rounded body of the Peach, and put the cherished pit in the hand of his girlfriend, and the Peach's halves without the pit slowly descended over the shoulder of the Girlfriend down to her chest to meet the soft bulge of the nipples. 

The juicy pulp of the ripe fruit trailed down, leaving a bright and wet mark on her elastic body. 

Then these beautiful halves got down over the waist and the stomach even lower, touching the wet and hot petals of her lower lips. "Oh, what a miracle!", the Peach cried out and kissed them. The petals of that flower grew out from the very deep hole, the Peach got in to find out her secret, but he never came back. 

It was his first and the last date with a woman. 

No one ever heard about him anymore. 

As for the Girl, she had buried the Peach's pit in her garden and a long time after she remembered the best days of her youth spent with the Man when she looked at the grown tree.


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