Do not drink too much

One day, returning from night shift work in the very early morning, when the dawn was just breaking, Andrew saw a young girl lying on the lawn completely unconscious. "What happened?"- thought Andrew and came over to the girl. But, after he had looked carefully over, he was glad to see the girl was just dead drunk and even at that she was very good: long, slender legs, lush large boobs and juicy taut ass covered with mini-skirt. "Just the gift of fate", decided Andrew, who almost a month had had no sex. 

He picked up the girl and carried her to the nearest courtyard. He found a gazebo there, put the drunk girl on the bench, put her with the ass sticking out, rode up her skirt and removed her panties. He had noticed that the crotch of the girl was decorated with a neat so-called "Brazilian stripe". 

He unbuttoned his pants, got a place from the girl’s behind and began fucking her, stroking her firm buttocks. "You need to drink less!"- the guy blamed the girl in his mind, keeping up slow, to prolong the pleasure, movements in slightly dry vagina. The girl, apparently, was dead drunk, as she didn't move at all, and only her steady breathing and the warmth of her body showed that she was really alive. 

While fucking the girl, Andrew with some curiosity touched her anus with his finger. To his great surprise who, another hole instantly opened and got wet. "She must have given her ass oftener than the pussy", concluded Andrew and shoved two fingers into the girl’s anus. They got in surprisingly easy, and the hole was contracting, although the girl wasn’t even going to wake up. 

Andrew was never brave enough to ask his few girlfriends to give their asses, and there the chance had come to try that notorious anal sex, so it was ridiculous to reject. He pulled the cock out of the vagina, pressed it to the higher hole and was literally sucked inside. "She's definitely an ass-giver", Andrew became sure. 

The anus, unlike the vagina, became very wet. Andrew was on the "seventh heaven" with new sexual sensations. In the tight wrinkled hole he was moving quicker and harder, because he decided not to be sorry for the hole which was so avid for male cocks. 

He didn't want to cum too quickly, but almost a month of abstinence and a new challenge in the form of anal sex had done their job: he twitched and shot the load into the girl’s rectum. 

He caught the breath and decided to prank. He put the girl her back on the bench, the legs spread wide. Andrew tied them with the girl’s bra to her breast. Then he took out a notebook, tore a page out and wrote down "Stop drinking hard!" He rolled the piece of paper into a tube and thrust it into the girl’s anus. The picture was awesome: white ass in the twilight, the legs are up and apart and a piece of paper sticking out of the ass. 

"Yes, some need to stop drinking hard", Andrew thought once again and went home. He put her panties in his pocket. Just to remember.


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