She was standing her head down looking at a book. She was wearing a strict skirt and a white blouse buttoned up to the neck. She was very beautiful, her hair collected in a knob, no makeup and a faint scent of flowers coming from her skin. She was about twenty, and in the evenings she worked in the library, because she loved books. Quiet evenings she was there reading. There were almost no visitors in the evening. 

But one nice and quiet spring evening the library building was visited by a young student. It seemed strange, but at ten PM he needed a book of Dostoevsky. But when he saw her beautiful face, slender legs, graceful figure, he just forgot about Dostoevsky and could not hold back the desire that had come over his mind and the body. 

About five minutes he was watching her little hands turning the pages, and then he decided and came up to her. She timidly rose up her head and stared surprisingly from under the long eyelashes straight into his eyes. He became timid like a little boy, but suddenly she approached him, wrapped her arms around his neck and he felt the fragrance of roses, and then the touch of the flower of her tender, plump and sweet lips. Then her hands slid lower stroking his back. 

He woke up from the beautiful dream, kissed her gently, picked her up and carried to one of the tables. His hands slid under her skirt revealing her slender legs, and he realized she was wearing stockings. 

Her legs wrapped around his hips, she was kissing him, but now on the neck. She began unbuttoning his shirt, kissing every open spot of his skin. 

She already felt his boner, and that aroused her even better. Now she propped on the table with her hands, and she was trembling in his arms with excitement. He was doing with her blouse the same she did with his shirt, but he undid it with his teeth. And then his eyes saw the young girl's tits. 

He was kissing and biting her nipples softly and running his tongue over them, getting down lower and now he was seeing her beautiful belly. 

He kisses every bit of her body, teasing her. Then he carefully undoes the zipper on the skirt and as carefully pulls it off and the skirt falls down on the floor. 

His is seeing a completely different girl, not the shy one he saw entering the library. 

She notices that he suddenly stopped thinking of something. Unable to resist her desire she draws him closer to her. She has nothing on but stockings. She gets up, hugs him, kisses, and then he feels her opening the fly on his pants and they are falling down on the floor, and the underpants follow them. 

She sits again on the table, pulls him and he is plunging in her. She is arching with pleasure. She lays down her back on the table, so he can caress her breasts. 

His movements become faster and faster and here he is cumming together with her. He takes out his penis and shoots cum over her chest and the belly.


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