I was twenty at that time. I knew women, but in quite a traditional way. As 

for lesbians, I heard of them just a bit. 

One day I was home when the doorbell rang. On the threshold there were my 

friend since high school, Marina, and a slender short blonde with her. Both 

were tipsy. Marina and I were just friends, and her visit was not a 


I turned on the music, and they began slow dancing together. Suddenly Marina 


- Let's get naked – it’s hot.

And without waiting for reply, she pulled her dress through the head and 

stayed in a bathing suit. Then, in the rhythm of the dance she took off the 

dress from her friend. Tired they flopped down on the bed. 

- Lay down with us.  - offered Marina. 

I lay down on the edge of the bed. Marina was beside the wall and Galya was 

between us. She seemed to be sleeping. 

- Galya is beautiful, isn’t she?

Saying this, she was stroking her girlfriend over the stomach, the legs, the 

thighs and being absolutely not embarrassed of me. But I was.

Suddenly Marina with one motion pushed the bra from the breast of her 

girlfriend up and I saw two small mounds with pink nipples on the tops. 

Marina leaned over them and gently began licking them. I got extremely 

excited. My cock no longer fitted the pants trying to break free. 

- Let's get naked, - suddenly offered Marina.

With those words she quickly removed both parts of her swimsuit.

For the first time I saw her naked, but I was very shy to get strippedbefore 

her eyes. However, I took everything off, and my hard dick straightened. 

Suddenly Marina looked at sleeping Galya.

- Want me to take off her pants? Do you like her? Look at her beautiful 


Marina pulled down the panties of her girlfriend, and to my surprise she 

raised her hips. Galya was not asleep... Marina pulled her panties down to 

her knees and began caressing her between the legs.

Then she removed the panties completely and gently moved her knees apart and 

I saw the small and covered with little hairs rose. 

I want you to take her with me watching this, - whispered Marina. 

Trembling I plunged in her flexible body. Galya uttered a subtle groan. My 

hips were moving, driving the cock into that sweet little hole. 

- Don't worry, today is safe, - said Marina. 

She was looking longingly at us, then she began kneading her girlfriend's 

chest, and the other hand fondling between her legs. Galya was groaning 

aloud making Marina excited even better.

When I was cumming, with the corner of my eye I saw Marina standing on the 

bed, leaning against the wall, watching us from above, her plump legs 

slightly apart, and she was masturbating fiercely... 

In my twenty this episode had a strong impression on me, and although later 

I had much better, nevertheless the strongest arousal I get watching lesbian 

love and women masturbating...

That's my story.

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