He called me at 1:00 AM and, as always, with his dry calm voice told me to come to him. Of course, I immediately got ready to go. Into the night. Through the whole city. Taking with me a bottle of Martini I opened in the taxi and drank almost all of it on the way. 

I arrived to him stumbling and staggering with a silly smile on my face. It seemed to me I really pissed him off, although he did not show that... 

I came into the room, sat down on the sofa and drank more... He came up to me, took the bottle and hit me in the face. It sobered me. 

- You know, I don't like drunks, especially girls. 

- I don't like being beaten. 

- Well, I'm sorry... 

- You're a psycho. 

He takes off his belt. Makes a loop of it and puts it on me around my neck. Pulls me like a dog on a leash. And I’m crawling over to him on my all fours... he lets me off in the middle of the room, stroking the head, and I thrust out my tongue breathing like a tired dog. 

He grabs my hair and throws on my back... He is frantically fondling my tits under the sweater. I'm shaking. Then he literally rips off my clothes leaving just the panties on. He undresses and slaps me with his dick on the face. I recall something funny and it makes me laugh... it pisses him off even worse. And he begins fucking me in the mouth. He is about to cum... 

He takes the cock out and cum on my face, wiping me with my own hair and lays down next to me on the floor. 

- You are such a bitch. 

- You have just fucked me in the mouth, and that’s why I’m a bitch? 

- Yeah, that's why. 

- I'll take that as a compliment. 

- I'm tired, I have to get up early tomorrow. Let's go to sleep. 

- So who of us is a bitch? You got what you wanted and just going to sleep. 

He leans over me, kisses me. Breathing deeply. He spreads my legs wide and runs his hand in my panties caressing me with a finger, kissing on. I lick my hand and start caressing him... I’m jerking off his horny cock. 

- Tell me you want me to fuck you. 

- I want you to fuck me. 

- Again.... 

- Fuck me!!! 

- Again... 

- Fuck me, please, fuck the shit out of me... 

Abrupt push to the ground. The whole body is convulsing. I’m clinging to him. Shaking my head. The muscles are getting compressed... Like a delirious one I’m still begging him.... 

He squeezes my throat and increases the pace. I’m barely breathing. He presses his mouth to mine, and I'm cumming... he follows me in a moment. About five minutes he is lying on me without removing his cock. And I'm suffocating under his weight... 

- And yet, you’re a bitch... 

- Ok, I'm a bitch. Let's go to sleep.


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