Unforgettable story

I’m going to tell you a story that had happened to me in the summer of 2000. One day my friends and I went to play basketball. Among my friends there was my girlfriend who plays basketball even better than some of guys.

After the game was over, we decided to go to a bar to drink something, but since the weather was very hot and we were wet as if had been under the rain, we decided to go homes to change clothes and then meet again and have fun at a club. Done. Everybody left and my girlfriend went with me.

When we were back home, we came to the kitchen where I treated her with a bottle of JB-Twist. I was going to take a shower and she caught the idea to take it together. So we went to the bathroom taking off the clothes on the way there.

I need to say, my girlfriend is the most wonderful creature that has ever appeared on earth. Her body is just gorgeous, she is so thin and fragile that seems to be broken any moment if you don’t treat her very carefully.

In the bathroom we were already naked and excited with the caresses we were bringing to each other. We didn’t want immediate action, we wanted to prolong that moment.

In the shower cabin I turned on the water. Under the shower her body seemed even sexier: thin streams of water were flowing down over her nice shaped tits with perky nipples I was licking over and biting a little. I was caressing her body with my tongue getting down lower on never missing a single spot of her skin. Having got down to her pussy, I began licking it over and sucking in her tender lips thrusting my tongue as deep in her cherished hole as I could.

The moment came when she pulsed with orgasm wriggling with her whole body and pouring her juice on my face. Then she pushed me with her knee down on the cabin floor, knelt down and began fondling my my cock with her sharp tongue. She brought me to the divine bliss ended up shooting cum in her mouth and she drank it all running her fingers over my cock and milking it dry to the last drop.

She went on caressing me until I had it up again and then she sat on me and began such a crazy jumping that I could barely hold her by the waist helping her moving the pelvis.

Finally we had cum again and she fell on me exhausted but happy. We merged kissing. After that we went to meet our friends. We had much fun in the club, but after we were back home again, we were ready to go on our daytime pleasant game. But this is quite another story.

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