My guard was taken off

I met them via Internet. I have long wanted to try having sex with a couple. I don't know why this desire was born, but it was. And it was growing. 

They invited me for a visit and, of course, I came with some snacks and drinks. Tatiana was a little overweight woman, as for my taste, with huge boobs and sensual lips. She quickly set the table and we sat down to have dinner. Andrew, on the contrary, was thin, about 170 cm tall, with clear voice and very active. 

We drank a bit and started a small talk and then the conversation slowly drifted to the sex topic. We were sharing our experience, of course, being shy and silent about some things, but the conversation made our eyes sparkle. I don't remember how, but Andrew and I kissed his wife on the cheeks in turn and she just blushed. 

We decided to watch the video of their wedding. Then we had another drink, set down on the sofa, and turned on the video. To tell the truth, watching someone else's wedding is boring and I almost fell asleep. 

I was awaken with the strong kiss of the hostess. The light was down. Only the blue light of the TV-screen was softly filling the room with pale light. She stuck her tongue in me, paying absolutely no attention to her husband, who was lying on the other side of the sofa and watching... the TV-screen was showing some porn movie... I was totally awaken. 

Andrew didn’t pay any attention to us either. We were kissing hot and openly touching each other, and he stared at the screen, half-turned away from us. I decided he wanted to watch the sex from the side and he gave us the advantage. It made me absolutely relaxed and aroused at the same time. I felt easy. Tanya did as well. Suddenly her dress split into two halves and her big boobs appeared before my mouth. I don’t need to be asked twice. 

I was just eating her. Meanwhile, she almost tore off my pants and the t-shirt. Andrew joked asking not to push him off the sofa. We smiled but didn’t stop. Kissing a woman on the stomach was the joy of paradise for me. 

I moved lower and gently touched my lips to her rose. Tanya closed her mouth, not uttering a sound, and I was not shy to moan with pleasure. Her orgasm was so strong that my neck could barely suffer the pressure of her thighs, still she was silent. I was in heaven, and she was even higher, I guess.... 

We exchanged places. Andrew seemed to have been sleeping a long time. Her sensual lips made me tense up and roll my eyes. She knew how to do it well. My big cock was plunging all in her beautiful mouth, but I couldn’t watch it for a long time, the recording was over and it got dark in the room. I was so pleased that I opened my mouth, rolled my eyes and was just writhing with her caresses. 

She covered my mouth with her palm thrusting a finger in. I blissfully licked it over and kissed her hand. I was in the dark. 

But then, Oh God, I couldn’t get what had happened, but it turned out to be not a finger in my mouth. I tried to move away but a strong hand pulled my head closer. 

I was sucking a penis. I didn't want even to think of it and believe, but I was really sucking a penis. My excitement took over me and I decided to suck and not resist, on the contrary, I was using my hand to help as Tanya did before. 

Don't know how long it lasted, but suddenly my mind grew cloudy and I came. At the same time Andrew came as well. He had cum deep in my throat, I couldn’t even spit anything out, everything had flowed down in the throat. We were lying there in silence. 

I was shocked, but satisfied. We fell asleep very quickly.

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