I will tell you my fantasy

- May I?

- Of course, Kate. Come on in, I was waiting for you. Come on, lie down on the couch.

- Thank you. 

Kate walked over the cabinet and quietly sat on the edge of the expensive leather couch. 

- Do not be shy. Lie down. Make yourself comfortable.

- Thank you doctor.

- Well, let's begin... Tell me, Kate, why did you try to commit a suicide?

- I'm not beautiful... (sobbing).

"Yeah, if I were you I would kill myself as well", thought the psychiatrist and said...

- Not at all. You are very beautiful, and you need to understand, the beauty doesn't matter. Why do you want to be like those stupid dolls?

- But doctor, nobody loves me? I'm 18, but I'm still a virgin. All my girlfriends have done it and almost all of them have boyfriends. 

- Do you want to have sex?

- Yes, doctor. Sometimes very strange desires come to my mind.

- Tell me about them.

- Doctor, but they are so strange.

- Tell me about them and don't be shy...

- I imagine I'm in slavery. Yes it is slavery. I am completely naked. Next to me there are a man with a huge cock and a woman… but it's not a woman.

- I do not understand, what do you mean?

- Well, she has a penis. She looks like a woman, she even has boobs, but she also has a cock. She is holding a whip in the hand and she smacks me on the ass with that whip, and the man is looking at that and stroking his cock. They are wearing leather clothing, but it's not much on them, the clothing covers almost nothing. Besides, the man with "the woman" are smiling all the time and sometimes even laughing when I scream especially laud with pain. After a while they get bored of beating me and they put me down on my knees. The man makes me to suck his cock, and meanwhile the "woman" puts her hand between my legs and starts stroking me there. And you know, the strangest thing is that I like it. Then they put me on the bed, the man spreads my legs and the "woman" approaches me from the head side and sticks her cock in my mouth. I try to scream, but the dick in my mouth is like a gag and I give up. Out of nowhere another woman appears, she also has a cock and she starts stroking my breasts. The man turns me over on my stomach and plunges in me from behind. The first "woman" is standing in front of me, so that her dick is right at the level of my face, but this time the second "woman" begins jerking off right before my face. Soon the «woman» cums on my face, and the man cums in me from behind. 

- Yes... strange fantasy, - The doctor said stroking his erect cock.

- I know doctor. I don't know what to do, I really want sex.

- And did you like sucking a penis?

- Yes.

- Then come to me.

Kate got up and came closer to the doctor.

- Kneel down.

Kate obediently knelt down and looked into the doctor's eyes. Desire and conscience were fighting in the doctor’s soul, but desire won and he pulled out his dick.

- Look, Kate, you made me excited. You are turning me on.

- Really? – Kate asked hesitatingly.

- Yes. You may take it in your mouth like you did for the man in your fantasies. 

Kate carefully took the cock in her mouth and began sucking. Her movements were cautious at first, but then they paced up, and she was even stroking the cock with her hand. The psychiatrist was moaning softly with pleasure, until he shot the stream of white liquid into Kate's mouth. Kate was happy that she forced a man to cum and when she was out of the door with the sign "Psychiatrist" her face was shining with a smile.

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