Dream is sex

It all starts with the fact that I arrive in an unfamiliar city, and there I get acquainted with a young man. I really like him and he likes me too, besides, I need someone who knows the city, and if he is handsome, it is twice as cool. We meet each other in the dancing club, accidentally on the dance floor. Tired of dancing he sits at my table and orders drinks. 

We are talking and realize that we live in the same house. It amazes me, and I invite him home for tea. I see he is very horny, narrow jeans could hardly hide his straining boner. It becomes clear immediately tea would be the last thing to get down to, we are in a hurry to go home. 

The closer to the destination, the stronger my and his excitement is. I feel between my legs it becomes hot and wet, I oftener look at the tent on his jeans... Finally I open the door and, no longer able to hold back, he pulls me closer, clings to the lips and begins to caress my chest. I'm stroking his belly and getting lower, unbuttoning his fly. 

He'd already taken off my bra, seized the buttocks and carries on to the bed. With joint efforts we are taking clothes off each other: the jeans are flying under the table, his white shirt appeares to fall in the aquarium with fish. He is pulling down my panties and kissing the clitoris. I draw him closer, begging him to continue. He spreads my legs even wider and licks my pussy, a little biting and pulling them with his lips. 

He is teasing and kissing my clitoris, his fingers massaging the vagina, almost bringing me to orgasm. Wanting to extend and amplify it, he is plunging in me smoothly and gradually increases the pace. I moan harder and more frequently the wave of indescribable orgasm is coming over me.... At this point, he cums too, managing to get out of me. 

Taking a breath a little, we decide to take a shower. Enjoying the cool streams of water, I begin sinking down, sliding with the hands and the tongue over his taut and slender body, and finally, running my tongue over his penis getting bigger right before my eyes. I am sucking his cockhead gently, my one hand stroking the trunk, and the other one caressing the testicles. 

Clasping the base with a hand, I swallow his cock deeper that makes him utter a long moan, but I don't let him cum before needed time, and switch my attention to the base of the penis and testicles.... First I lick each one separately, then take them in my mouth and roll them from side to side at the same time caressing with the tongue. I'm gently rubbing the penis trunk stroking the spot between the anus and the scrotum. 

Finally, I slightly touch the cockhead with my tongue lick the drop of precum, kissing and slowly taking it in my mouth deeper and deeper, suddenly his body stiffens and he ejaculates.... 

Tired but happy, we are wiping each other with towels and going to drink tea.

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