In the army

Recently I received a letter with a very interesting story and decided, with the permission of the author, to publish his remarkable story. 


When I was in the army (long long ago), the most favorite entertainment of the guys was as it follows. 

Sunday mornings everyone was running to the recovery room to watch TV. There was a real crowd of men - the troop of half-naked and horny young males. Can you imagine? And we were watching the broadcasting of morning exercises, where young female athletes were curving their bodies in front of the camera demonstrating all their charms. 

We all sitting there, you know, young males without sex for a long time were jerking off, all of us. First, there were jokes are funny stories, and then silence was coming and everybody focused on the screen. In the first row the old-timers, then the youngsters, greens, etc. Wanking off all around, no one could hold it back. It was fucking contagiously great. 

Many were cumming several times. The smell of sperm was fucking awesome! 

There had never probably been so many cocks, so many jerking off in one place at once. I have never seen such madness and could never ever imagine in my craziest dream. 

Groaning, wheezing, sniffling, squelching noise - all this was filling up the recovery room. Some were standing, some were sitting on the windowsills and jerking off, everyone was jerking off without any fear, shame and shyness. 

Then everybody got out, and the floor was all wet and covered with white puddles. The orderly was called to clean all that out. 

I’m ashamed to confess, but when I was on duty, I locked the door, removed the boots and walked around those warm puddles with bare feet, wiping them with my foot cloths and a couple of times I even licked them with my tongue. Inexpressible sensation! 

It is a holiday that has stayed with me forever! It has been more than 10 years, I am married and have a child, but I still jerk off like a schoolboy, when remembering that time. 

So, this is a short story I wanted to tell you. That’s what occurs in the army sometimes, and what is happening there now, we can only guess.

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