You are coming soon. How long shall I be waiting? Half an hour? Ten minutes? 

Once again I look in the mirror. Clear skin is shiny and rubbed with creams, the hair is gathered on the back in a high ponytail, the hair down there is trimmed, only a small rectangle of hair left emphasizing the swollen vulvarlips. 

I love my body, I love every possible way of caring and grooming. My legs are very nicely shaped, cute calves, slim shanks, wide soft hips and small neat feet. Sunken belly, small belly-button. And, of course, my tits with tiny pointy nipples looking invitingly in different directions. 

I lovingly put on my stockings, small white panties and lacy bra, so a wet girl is turning into a mysterious lady. 

Finally the door bell is ringing. On the way to the door I'm throwing on a white cloak and shoes and rushing to meet you. Haste even makes me forget about my worries. 

Here you are. I smile. The nipples are hardening beneath the cloak, the knees are giving way, and at the bottom of the stomach I feel warm. I understand that you can guess what is hidden under the heavy cloth, but you don't show it, we're having a small talk and it excites me even better. 

We are coming in my home, and as soon as the door closes, your hand is sneaking under the clothes and lies down around the waist. You carefully put me down and begin to caress. Light unnoticeable kisses are turning into passionate ones, I can no longer remain silent and I'm quietly moaning. 

Your hand is pushing the panties aside and caressing my most intimate point, and at that moment the lips are caressing the breast through the lace lingerie. What a pleasure! Then the tongue is between my thighs, I don't feel it, I feel only neverending sweet bliss. 

I have  the sweetest orgasm, but you don't stop. Now you are in me, and the waves of tenderness cover up my head. I love that first moment when you are plunging in me, I feel that here you are, my man taking your woman, and we are becoming the whole. 

Your hands are squeezing me, the lips are touching my lips, and you are slowly moving in and out of me. I hear you saying "I feel so good" and again I'm cumming, and so are you. I taste you, and this increases my and your pleasure. 

I'm licking the last drops off and feeling the tension subsiding. And I want to caress and kiss you more than ever with the rush of tenderness and gratitude.

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