I've always wanted to make love to a woman. 

I'm attracted by the smooth curves of the body, nice lines, soft skin. I'm always looking with secret interest at the ladies around. I wonder what underwear they are wearing now, when the last time they had sex was, how they looked at that, and so on. Especially I like to watch them in locker rooms, saunas, and swimming pools. 

It's interesting to watch an inaccessible beauty turning into a naked defenseless girl, or vice versa a mouse of a girl appears to be a hot woman under clothing. 

However, they don't pose as they would do before a man, they remain themselves not thinking they are being watched. Such a variety of panties, pantyhose, socks, t-shirts and bras won't be seen anywhere else. 

What a sight it is, when nymphs are exposing their bodies. Here they are, the butts, tummies, legs, breasts of all colors, sizes and ages. Various curves are caressing the eyes. Foam envelops a body and seductively opening nipples, a smooth shoulder or her rounded knee. 

The one on the right has wide nice hips of a parous woman, she smells like peace and quiet, I want to cuddle up to her big breasts with crimson nipples. There is a very young baby with a thin back, small ass and very elastic skin. Here is another girl in her ripest, who is already aware of her beauty, and the scent of wonderful flowers from the bottles she uses to wash. Steam is swirling, and hot female bodies are around, and I'm quietly watching each of them. 

Which one would I like to have? I don't know, it would be hard to choose. I often imagine how it could have happened. For example, I imagine myself in nature in a tent next to someone's casual girlfriend, and there's no one else in the tent but us. It's early in the morning, about four o'clock. The air is still too fresh and cold, and we are lying under the same blanket. We feel cold and inadvertently we press to each other, she's asleep and warmed with my heart and I'm being tormented with her being close to me. 

Inhaling her smell becomes an unbearable torture, and I casually put my hand on her thigh and stroking her gently. Then I go up to the buttocks and the lower back, going under the t-shirt. Is she asleep or already awake? I want to touch her chest, but what if she suddenly gets frightened and fly away from my hands. I feel my girl is getting tense, she's nice and unusual and she's at a loss. Soothingly I'm stroking her head gently and with almost an air kiss I'm going down to her ear, sliding with the lips down to the neck, «Fear not, fear me not, my little one, I won't do anything bad to you». 

Now her muscles are getting relaxed and she is surrendering into my hands. Finally I get to the cherished chest and intentionally torture her, gently running my finger over the skin not touching the nipples. She starts purring quietly and through the fabric I'm reaching for her red suns and biting them in turn. She's getting crazy and moaning quite aloud. I put a hand in her panties and my finger's completing my caresses. She sighs quietly and shudders for the last time in my hands. 

Pleasant warmth is spreading all over my body. I'm satisfied, I'm a cat satisfied with the moans and pleasure of other women and I'm feeling good...

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