I never belonged to sexual minorities, moreover, I thought it was shameful, I was afraid of that. The matter was that I had a boyfriend, I loved and adored very much. It seemed to me there was no one more beautiful in the world, I was living in a fairy tale. 

This continued until I found out that he already had a girlfriend and that he even lived with her. I was the third party. I didn't know what to do, so I decided to leave it as it was, my beloved didn't get to know what I knew about him. 

One day he invited me to a party of his company, and there I met with a fourth person, his third after me, beloved. She was a pretty girl, with chiseled petite figure and beautiful green eyes. 

We immediately found a contact, so we did not finish the birthday cake, but went to visit her. At home we uncorked a bottle of wine and began talking, discussing our beloved one from all the sides! We were already a little drunk when I decided to give Vika a friendly hug with pity, and suddenly I realized that they were not just friendly. 

Vika was kissing me, sucking my lips in, at first I was scared, but the desire was beyond me. I also began to kiss Vika passionately. She threw me down to the floor pulling off my clothes, touching my breasts. I have never experienced such thing in my life, I thought I would go crazy. We moved to the room on the bed, Vika pulled off my panties and kissed my clit. She was just eating it, I felt something I had never experienced with a man. 

On the contrary, often by the ignorance, a man made me suffer, and I suffered to please him. Men are inherently selfish, not all, of course... 

Back to our first night. I was squirming under Victoria, she was giving me great pleasure, I clenched the nipples with my hands, the nipples were hard with arousal, I was cumming in Vika's mouth and was happy gasping. After that, I also wanted to please my Vika, I changed places with her and began to kiss and suck her nipples, I was stroking and squeezing her thighs, she moaned and I moved lower and began licking her most interesting body part. Vika was jerking, she burned but she liked it. 

Under the blanket it was hot, but we were happy and fell asleep embracing. 

In the morning, Vika got up earlier than me and went to take a shower, later she came out of the shower completely naked, took the cream and was smearing it over her body, she was looking at me, stroking her breasts, her nipples were up, she called me and asked me to help her. I was rubbing that sweet cream in her body, I was smearing her all parts of body. I put Vika on the bed, she seemed almost unconscious and once again we indulged in passion. I was all covered with Vika's cream and we were good together. 

We both forgot of our man, and began to date. Although later this man made a harem of us, and controlled us, was our mentor and he was very pleased with such a change, we even made friends with one of his girlfriends. We also drew her into lesbian love. That selfish dork was very thankful, he could spend hours watching us, his girls, as a voyeur cumming and jerking off while watching us.

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