Sex under the rain

A raindrop fell down on my cheek, and it was immediately licked by your hot tongue. For a second our eyes met, and all kept inside with great fountain burst forth out. 

A huge life baggage behind does not prevent us, like children, from looking forward to the meeting each rare once. On this day we agreed to meet on the bank of the river running across our town. Sitting on the yellow carpet of leaves, we were looking at the water, imagining we are at the seashore. People were passing by. We drank red wine. I looked into beautiful eyes, almost not listening to your nice chat and felt absolutely happy. 

And here that raindrop blew us: your lips dug into mine, impatient hands already caressed the breasts. The nipples immediately swelled up, and it became wet and hot between my legs. Rain looked at us and became stronger, and you, being jealous of him, were trying to lick every drop from my completely naked body. 

It's a wonderful feeling, when after cold rain touch your touch follows, so hot and greedy. The drops are turning into streams running down playfully, getting into the most secluded parts. You are trying to hold them, you kneel down and lick them off already between my legs. Yes, the rain cannot be compared with your skill at that. The caresses you are giving me quickly bring me to orgasm. 

The wave of bliss comes over me. 

Kneeling down I unbutton the pants. Your nice big cock is so tensed that its skin seems about to break. 

Now it's my turn to taste the curious rain along with you. Gently licking the cock head, I'm eating it , as children lick lollipops, and I can't stop. I'm getting deep in your mouth. It became hot, stiffened to the limit and a strong stream of sperm hits me like a delicious drink of love! 

We are completely naked under the rain, our bodies intertwined, your hands are caressing my wet body. I want to feel you inside! I stroke your buddy and he immediately responds to my caresses. I'm turning my back to you leaning on the trunk of a large tree. Your fingers ran down my back, and you are gently caressing my clit. 

I am exhausted with desire, the rain is turn into a million fingers running over my whole body. You can't resist anymore and confidently plunge in me deep and hard. I'm making upward movements feeling incredible bliss! Hard to say how long that bliss lasted. I think I wasn't even on the ground, I was flying somewhere in the sky! 

The screams from the orgasm we had broke out at the same time. The rain broke with the thunder. We three had the most extreme pleasure! The echo caught our voluptuous sounds and carried them away over the river.

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