How Sergey took my ass virginity

I was 18 years old. So young! A wild child, a bitch, a street kid. Sergey was 14 years older than me. He seemed such an adult to me. Not handsome, but very clever. There was something wild in him. He could just look with his wolfy eyes and everyone obeyed. Although I was an awful anarchist, but before him I was like a rabbit before a boa. Going on a date and thinking to myself... "That's all, now just tell him everything, farewell forever, and go home!" He is married, I don't like him at all... Coming to him, opening my mouth... And then, at two in the morning coming home totally fucked up. 

I never took him seriously. Up to that memorable time we had fucked with him many times. 

Of course, compared to my peers, such an experienced man could bring me to such a state, that I was coming home barely walking. 

This time his wife had left somewhere for a long time. I got there to his place for the whole night. So we buzzed in full swing. The empty apartment, liquor drinks and all that. I drank a little but was tipsy. I was sitting in the arm-chair being so warm. 

Sergey sat down on the chair arm and silently started kissing me on the ear. Easy-easy way. That easiness made my panties wet in a moment. I was trying to reach out to his cock, but he closed my eyes and told me not to move. «Sit still. I'll tell you what and when to do it». He was undressing me very slow. He was obviously taking his time. I was already exhausted with that slowliness. I was wishing it happen quicker. 

He is pulling the panties off me, and I'm feeling if he doesn't fuck me right now, I'm gonna die right here in my fucking chair. I spread my legs – «fuck me»! 

Sergey slapped me lightly on the pussy – «I said, sit still!» And then his finger ran over the clit. I was shaking from lust. He began rubbing me down there. His fingers are rough, scratchy, and that makes me want even more. I feel my pussy already dripping. He (dodger!) as if by chance touched my anus with a finger. And I already don't care, I just wish his cock in me and it doesn't matter where. Sergey turned me over the chair arm, and all my charms appeared right before him. 

He tenderly pushed a finger in the hole, while his other hand fondling my clit. I'm scared and feeling ashamed – you know what it is inside the ass. Then his finger stroked me inside and I lost control. He is massaging the gut from the inside, and I am so blissed that my body was moving without my control. My back arched, the hands spreading the ass cheeks, I was talking some jibberish "come on, tear me, pound on me!" 

Sergey dipped his cock in the vagina and quietly thrust it in my ass. I immediately came with what he was doing to me right away. Sergey froze for my ass got adapted while he was patting my back. Then he began to move. Gently and very carefully. I got hot and aroused again. My hole was completely relaxed, I stretched it with the hands and whispered to him "fuck me, don't be afraid..." There he, apparently, stopped restraining, grabbed my hips and started pulling me on down to the balls. We came together. 

I got so tired that he carried me to the bathroom on his hands. He was showering me, but I felt tingling down there. He took a cream to smear it over. And while he was doing that, he turned me on so much that I gave him my ass again. It was rather a crazy night, I must say.

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